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2014 - 2015 Meeting Materials/Minutes

April 23, 2015

Minutes of the March 25, 2015 Meeting (Approved)

Academic Policy and Review Council:

Course Evaluation Policy
Leave of Absence Policy
Transfer of Credit Policy

Collegial Review Council:

Post Tenure Review Revision
Emeritus Expectations and Process

Faculty Affairs Council:

Gender Equity Salary Resolution
Fixed Term Task Force
Graduate Faculty Process

March 25, 2015

Minutes of the February 19, 2015 Meeting (For Approval)
Provost Report
Faculty Assembly Report

Academic Policy and Review Council:

Resolution on Enrollment at Graduation Policy
Resolution on the Multidisciplinary Writing Anthology

Collegial Review Council:
Resolution 1: Inclusion of Statement on Faculty Activity Database in Handbook
Resolution 2: Proxy Voting Policy in Collegial Review Committees
Resolution 3: Post-Tenure Review Changes
Resolution 4: Emeritus Faculty Expectations and Process

February 19, 2015

Minutes of the January 21, 2015 Meeting (Approved)
Provost Report
Shared Governance Documents
Proposed Resolution Regarding the Forced Resignation of UNC President Tom Ross

January 21, 2015

Minutes of the November 20, 2014 Meeting (Approved)
Provost Report January 2015
Post Tenure Review Changes Overview / Issues to Consider
Suggested Edits to Section 4.08 Post Tenure Review 1-12-2015
Suggested Edits to Section 4.4 Post Tenure Review 1-12-15

November 20, 2014

Minutes of the October 23, 2014 Meeting (For Approval)
Minutes of the October 30, 2014 Overflow Meeting (For Approval)
AA5-AA6 Curric data NOV 2014
Provost Report November 2014
TC - Library Extended Hours Pilot
FUSS Fall 2014

October 23, 2014

Minutes of the September 24, 2014 Meeting (Approved)
Non-Degree Student Suggested Edits
APR 19 Summer Session Guidelines clean copy
APR 19 Summer Session Guidelines Tracked Changes
Part of Term Deadlines Summer 2015
UNC Faculty Assembly Report October 4

September 24, 2014

Minutes of the August 27, 2014 Meeting (For Approval)
Faculty Assembly Report
Faculty Athletics Representative's Report to Faculty Senate for 2013-2014
Provost's Report

August 27, 2014 Meeting

Minutes of the April 24, 2014 Meeting (Approved)
Minutes of the May 1, 2014 Overflow Meeting (Approved)
Provost's Report

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