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Die-Cut Machines


Our Die-Cut Machines are available by request. Please sanitize after use. Cleaning equipment will be provided to you.

Pricing and Policies

What is a die-cut machine?

A die-cut machine uses metal stamps, or dies, to quickly cut out specific shapes.

Where are the die-cut machines?

The die-cut machines are located in the Scholar Studio, across from the front doors of the library.

What materials can I cut?

Cardstock, craft foam, felt, fabric, leather, bubblewrap, very thin aluminum, wallpaper and many others. Look under the "Prestige" column on this materials chart for a complete list. We do not recommend using standard copy paper and other similarly lightweight materials.

What dies are available?

We have a wide range of dies, including alphabet letters, framing shapes, 3D geometric models, and a Catamount head. Look through the binder in the Scholar Studio to view examples of all of our dies.

How much does it cost?

Paper is available at the Circulation desk for $0.15per page. You are also welcome to bring your own materials.

How do I pay?

You can pay for paper at the Circulation desk. We accept CatCash, regular cash, and checks.


How to cut dies with a die-cut machine

  1. Select your material (paper, foam, fabric, etc.) and die.
  2. Trim your material to fit in the die-cut machine.
  3. Place the material on the bed of the machine.
  4. Place the die, foam side down, on top of your material. Make sure that the material is aligned beneath the die.
  5. Slide the bed (in the large die-cut machine) or your material and die (in the small machine) into position beneath the press.
  6. Push the handle down from left to right. If your material is thick, raise the handle and push it down a second time. If your die is larger than the plate above it, slide the bed to press down first on each end of the die, and then in the middle.
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