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RICOH THETA 360° Camera

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Camera Basics

Theta Camera


The RICOH THETA V camera captures 360° stills images and full HD video with sound. The cameras are available for 7-day checkout from the Hunter Library's Circulation desk. Check our catalog to see if one is available.

  • It can store up to 19 GB internally: over 4000 images or about 40 minutes of 4K video.

  • The rechargeable battery life can take 260 shots or 1.1 hours of video.

  • It can use WiFi to control the shutter with a smartphone, a stutter device or live stream 360° (dual fish eye) video to a computer when connected by a USB cord. 

  • Depending on the application, the images and video created from the camera can be stitched together into a spherical image or you can upload the video using a variety of free downloadable apps.

  • The camera is charged using a USB cable.

  • A variety of holders are included in the box including a selfie stick and several tripods.

Contents of the case include:

  • 1 RICOH THETA V spherical camera: plastic, metal
  • 45 x 131 x 17 cm black case
  • 1 selfie stick
  • 1 rubber 28 cm tripod
  • 1 metal 14 cm tripod in cloth bag
  • 1 Bluetooth remote control shutter button
  • 1 power/downloading cable
  • 1 safety instruction paper and 1 “Getting Started” booklet

Theta Camera Inside

Theta Camera Diagram 


A SmartPhone App is available for Apple/iOS from iTunes and for Android in the Play Store, and several computer apps are also available.

Basic App Windows          Apple/iOS
File Transfer App Windows          Apple/iOS
Movie Converter App Windows          Apple/iOS

Details on preparing and uploading video to YouTube can be found on the RICOH THETA site.


If you're looking for inspiration or want to explore the possibilities of the RICOH THETA cameras, check out the Theta Gallery. They offer a collection of videos and photos shot with the cameras.

EyeSpy360 The RICOH THETA camera can be used to capture panoramic images, and ultimately create 360 degree virtual tours of any location. The results offer unique firsthand experience of a room, business, venue, etc. even without a headset for viewing it. This software/platform is simple to load the images simple to set up the tour, and allows you to load five images free. 

Find out how

You can livestream video with RICOH THETA. Instructions for recording and uploading content can be found on the THETA 360 community site.


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