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Large Format Printer

 Woman holding large print sheet up 

The Short and Sweet Version

  • Students can print large-format class assignments such as
    • GIS generated maps
    • Copies of items from Hunter Library’s digital collections
    • Research poster presentations
  • For other projects, contact the WCU Print Shop
  • Up to two copies of a print are allowed
  • Pick up prints at the Circulation desk
  • Payment is due when prints are picked up (unless otherwise arranged)
    • 24” paper costs $3/linear foot
    • 36” paper costs $3.50/linear foot
    • 42” paper costs $4/linear foot
    • We accept cash, CatCash, and checks
    • Charges to a department fund require a signed invoice
  • Email files to

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Who can use the large-format printer, and what can they use it for?

Any undergraduate or graduate student of Western Carolina University can use the large-format printer to print large research-related items for class assignments, such as maps generated with GIS programs or poster presentations. We can also print items from our digital collections. Not sure if your project qualifies?Contact the Scholar Studio or call Ken Rogers at 828-227-3424 for help.

Where is it, anyway?

The large-format printer is in the Scholar Studio on the main floor of Hunter Library, near the rear wall.

What sizes can I print and how much does it cost?

We have three widths of paper, and the price depends on which one your project needs. Payment is due when you pick up your print, unless other arrangements have been made. We accept cash, CatCash, and checks. If a department wishes to be billed for the cost, the student must provide a signed invoice.

24” paper------$3/linear foot

36” paper------$3.50/linear foot

42” paper ----- $4/linear foot

Here are some common poster sizes in scale, along with their prices: 

Several different large format printing sizes

How many copies can I print?

Two copies per project.

What if I have a non-academic project I want to print at a large scale?

For projects that don’t fall within the scope of what we support, we recommend contacting the WCU Print Shop.

What size and format should my file be?

Please submit all projects as .JPG files, using your name and the date as the filename (for example: guyfawkes_11-05-19.JPG). We need a high-resolution image to print at a large size without loss of image quality, but the actual dimensions depend on what size you want for your finished print. Ideally, you’ll need at least 300 DPI, but the larger and simpler an image is, the lower the DPI you can get away with.

Here are common poster sizes and what their dimensions would be at 300, 200, or 150 DPI:

Dimensions in inches

Common Use

Pixels at 300 DPI

Pixels at 200 DPI

Pixels at 150 DPI

48 x 36

Research Poster

14,400 x 10,800

9,600 x 7,200

7,200 x 5,400

54 x 36

Research Poster

16,200 x 10,800

10,800 x 7,200

8,100 x 5,400

24 x 36

Large poster

7,200 x 10,800

4,800 x 7,200

3,600 x 5,400

18 x 24

Small poster

5,400 x 7,200

3,600 x 4,800

2,700 x3,600

16 x 20

Small poster

4,800 x 6,000

3,200 x 4,000

2,400 x 3,000

11 x 17

Large Flyer

3,300 x 5,100

2,200 x 3,400

1,650 x 2,550


Wait, what? DPI? Resolution?

DPI stands for “Dots per Inch.” The higher your DPI, the more detailed your image will typically be. Resolution refers to the dimensions of an image in pixels. You can think of the relationship between DPI, Resolution, and Print Size as a formula:

DPI=Resolution/Print Size in inches

To find your image’s resolution on a Mac, right click on the image in Finder and click Get Info. The dimensions are listed under More Info. To find it on Windows, right click on the image in File Explorer, click on Properties, and look under Details.

(This description of image resolution is simplified and approximate. If you’d like a more detailed explanation, contact the Scholar Studio.)

But how do I print something?

If your content meets our guidelines and you’ve double-checked the size, you can email your file to or bring a thumb drive with the file to the Circulation desk. Explain what size you want your printed document to be, as well as any other preferences or requirements. If you’re dropping it off in person, please leave your contact information as well. Contact the Scholar Studio or call Ken Rogers at 828-227-3424 if you have any questions.

You’ll get an email when your print is ready for you to pay for it and pick it up at the Circulation desk. Most prints will be completed and available within 24 hours, depending on the library’s hours. If there is an issue with your print, we’ll get in contact with you.

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