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GoPro Fusion (360° action camera)

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The GoPro Fusion is a 360° action camera that captures both spherical and standard HD video and stills images.  It can be mounted on a variety of action camera accessories including: removable suction cup mount, wrist strap, handheld extendable stick, and dog/chest straps. This camera is available for 7-day checkout from the Hunter Library's Circulation desk. Check our catalog to see if it is available.

  • 360° video formats include: 1920x1080 HD video (if shot on 5.2K), or 1280x720 HD video (if shot in 60fps 3K)
  • 360° photo formats include: 18MP 5K 360 photos (5760 x 2880)
  • OverCapture for creating HD videos.  This feature allows for pulling standard 1080p HD videos from anywhere within the 360 sphere.
  • Image stabilization
  • Spatial audio (4 microphones)
  • Waterproof (5m/16ft.)
  • GPS
  • 12 different voice-control commands
  • Wi-Fi + Bluetooth
  • Smartphone app + desktop software
  • Includes two 32GB SD cards (75 minutes record time)
  • Removable battery (75-80 minutes record time)

 GoPro Case

GoPro dog or chest accessoryGoPro helmet accessory 

Using the camera

In depth guide video tutorial on how to get started including unboxing (not necessary for this checkout), setting up and getting started with the GoPro FUSION 360 camera and includes editing tips.

In-depth Video Tutorial

Very general basics to help you learn how to change settings and capture photo and video with the Fusion camera.

Basics Video 1

Basics Video 2

Basics Video 3

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