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Art and Design Faculty

WCU’s School of Art and Design faculty members are dedicated, talented, and passionate educators who have practiced in professional and academic settings. They bring a wealth of scholastic, corporate, and organizational experiences to the classroom and encourage students to think critically, communicate effectively, and make the connection between their studies and professional aspirations.

All faculty members have demonstrated expertise in the specific discipline of their teaching assignment and they are practioners in the subject matter being presented.

Here at WCU, studio art faculty are artists with M.F.A. degrees. Art history faculty hold Ph.D.s. Art education faculty hold either a Ph.D. or M.F.A. degree. Interior Design faculty members are expected to hold at least the M.A. in interior design and to be practicing professional designers.

Full-time Faculty

Name Role
Erin Tapley M.F.A., Ph.D., Director, School of Art and Design; Professor, Art Education
Erin Adams M.S., Associate Professor, Interior Design, Program Coordinator
Tom Ashcraft M.F.A., Endowed Professor of Visual Arts, MFA Director
Heather Mae Erickson M.F.A., Assistant Professor, Ceramics, Program Coordinator
Shelby Hicks M.F.A., Assistant Professor, Interior Design
Jane Hughes M.F.A., Assistant Professor, Interior Design
Jon Jicha M.F.A., Professor, Graphic Design
Justin Morgan Kennedy M.F.A., Assistant Professor, Sculpture
Kevin Kirkpatrick M.F.A., Studio Tech/Instructor
Ron Laboray M.F.A., Professor, Painting and Drawing
Mary Anna LaFratta M.F.A., Associate Professor, Graphic Design
Matt Liddle M.F.A., Professor, Printmaking and Book Arts
Seth J. McCormick  Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Art History
Nikki Owens M.F.A., Assistant Professor, Interior Design
Richard Tichich M.F.A., Professor, Photography


Beth Moore, Administrative Support Associate
School of Art and Design Main Office, BAC 155

Adjunct Faculty
Jillian Echlin
Jenny Fisher
Ben Hamburger
Susan Martin
Galen May
Martha Neaves
Nathan Perry
Zach Rogers
Laura Sellers
David Skinner
Cherry Stone


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