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J.Morgan Kennedy

Justin Kennedy

Associate Professor

David Orr Belcher College of Fine and Performing Arts

School of Art and Design

Contact Information

Phone: 828.227.3593
Office: 142 Fine & Performing Arts Building
Personal Website:


Born in Roanoke, Virginia and raised in the Washington DC. area. Morgan works predominantly in the medium of sculpture and installation. He completed an MFA at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, VA in 2000. His BA in studio arts from George Mason University in 1997. He has attended the Kohler Arts Industry program artist in residency program in Sheboygen ,WI and the Bemis Art Residency in Omaha, Nebraska. His works have received several artist merits including the Eben Demarest Trust, and the Maryland Arts Council award and the Virginia professional artist grant. He is a maker, a thinker, teacher, student, husband, and father. He lives and works in both Milwaukee, WI and Glenville, NC.


  • MFA, Virginia Commonwealth University
  • BA, George Mason University

Teaching Interests

I believe the most valuable lesson a student can learn is to pursue their own art by defining and refining ideas, while developing the material skills and craft necessary to execute them. Additionally, I promote the development of one’s curiosity and self confidence in the value of their ideas and process. This, combined with a critical awareness of context, enables a student to engage in a continuous examination of their world.

Research Interests

The interests I pursue are related to the human condition and a particular environment that is seen and unseen while attempting to define the relationships and boundaries that exist between them. I look to interpret the role of form and how it aids my understanding of the self. In this, I am continually discovering the connections between ego, form and context. In conjunction to this also lies a desire to understand the nature of habitat and the significance of physical labor which both creates and defines its human existence.

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