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Library Administration

Dean of Library Services: Chuck Thomas 828-227-7307
Associate Dean of Library Services: Heidi Buchanan 828-227-3408
Business Officer: Dana Boyer 828-227-2325
Executive Assistant to the Dean: Mariah Nehus 828-227-3406
Director of Assessment, Reporting, and Strategic Initiatives Kristin Calvert 828-227-3397
Administrative Support for COMET and ARIS Joshua Everhart 828-227-2193


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Message from the Dean of Library Services

Dean Chuck ThomasWelcome to Hunter Library! Whether you visit online or in person, our library faculty and staff take pride in helping you succeed with research, teaching, learning, or other scholarly and creative endeavors. Our library offers access to rich collections of information in many formats, spaces for individual and collaborative group work, and a wide variety of supporting services, including expert instruction and consultations to help you in finding, evaluating, using, and sharing information. We will continue to add new equipment, spaces, and services that allow you to turn knowledge into tangible products for teaching and learning. Some examples include our Scholar Studio with a variety of desktop "making" tools and technologies, our Virtual Reality Room with state-of-the-art display and visualization capabilities, and equipment that you can check out for projects such as an Oculus Rift system, a 360-degree camera that can capture both still images and full HD video with sound, and even a wearable GoPro Fusion camera for more active video capture. Keep checking back with us for news as we add to our collection of devices you can check out from the library.

Hunter Library is many things to the students, faculty, and staff of WCU. It is a place to explore, encounter new ideas, and grow intellectually. It is a place to turn your knowledge into tangible products and projects. It is a key partner with the University's academic programs and support services, to ensure that student success remains our primary focus. Our Special and Digital Collections unit is the trusted permanent home and point of access to historical collections documenting the region's diverse history and cultures, including individuals and groups that in the past may have been overlooked, unacknowledged, or under-documented. Most importantly, it is a library which means we are guided by the values and ethical standards of the American Library Association and related professions. Every member of our faculty and staff is dedicated to:

  • Providing excellent service to every library user;
  • Intellectual freedom and freedom of inquiry;
  • Freedom of equitable access to information and information services;
  • Opposing censorship;
  • Protecting each library user's right to privacy and confidentiality;
  •  Respecting intellectual property rights, and balancing the needs of information users and rights holders;
  • Treating both customers and co-workers with fairness and respect;
  •  Advocating for the rights, safety, and welfare of members of our community; and
  • Providing an environment that is welcoming and safe for all those who wish to use the library, regardless of identity or differences.

Hunter Library also supports Western Carolina University’s Strategic Directions, including a commitment to Inclusive Excellence through practices that “prepare our students for the diverse world in which they live”. The world around us is in a remarkable period of social change and calls to accountability for historical and ongoing systemic racism and inequities. Our library offers support to help all members of the WCU community develop intercultural knowledge and skills that are critical for effective citizenship in the 21st Century. We will continue to seek new ways to translate our shared values into actions and resources that help us all combat racism, hatred, and intolerance based on inherent differences between people. In support of these goals, we strive to eliminate barriers to information access, foster increased community with our underrepresented and underserved populations, and build our capacity for cross-cultural and intergenerational engagement. As always, we welcome your comments and questions,and look forward to hearing from you.

With Catamount Pride,

Chuck Thomas Dean of Library Services

Mission Statement

In support of Western Carolina University’s mission, Hunter Library serves the curricular and research needs of students, faculty, and staff while encouraging academic success, fostering critical thinking, and enriching the community. The library fulfills this mission by providing access to information; offering research and instruction services; and preserving the intellectual, environmental, and cultural heritage of the university and the region.

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