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Pilobolus: The Big Five-OH!

LIVE PERFORMANCE: Thursday, September 29, 2022 at 7:30PM
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Photo courtesy of Pilobolus.

Photo courtesy of Pilobolus.

"The dancers move so skillfully, so symbiotically, that they cease to resemble people at all…you feel as though you’ve glimpsed many worlds." - The New Yorker

People in the shape of the number 50 in red

Photo courtesy of Pilobolus Image taken by John Kane 

The world-renown modern dance company that has performed at events ranging from the Oscars and the Olympics and has appeared on television, in movies, and in advertisements will take the stage at Bardo Arts Center Performance Hall in Cullowhee, NC. Pilobolus will perform their newest show, The Big Five-OH! which celebrates their 50th year in existence, promoting radical creativity and boundary-pushing. 

Formed in 1971, at Dartmouth College in New Hampshire, by Moses Pendleton, Jonathan Wolken, and Steven Johnson after attending a dance composition class taught by Alison Becker Chase.  The name "Pilobolus" was inspired by the pilobolus crystallinus, a phototrophic (light loving) fungus. It was brought on by Jonathan Wolken's father's study of Pilobolus in his lab when the group formed. Since its beginnings, Pilobolus has toured and created over 120 pieces of repertory in more than 65 countries. Pilobolus has been featured on CBS This Morning, The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, NBC's Today Show, and MTV's Music Awards.

In The Big Five-OH!, Pilobolus will question its own "givens," turn the traditions sideways, and bring its past into the future. The Big Five-OH!  serves audiences a mix of pieces from vintage and visionary to fresh and electrifying. In true Pilobolus fashion, the show works to break tradition and dynamically reimagine to provide the viewer with a never-before-seen Pilobolus experience. 

 This performance includes partial nudity. If you would like to learn about the performance, please reach out to our Box Office at 828.227.2479. Thank you!

We look forward to seeing you at Pilobolus: The Big Five-OH! on Thursday, September 29, 2022, at 7:30pm with doors opening at 7:00pm. 

two women being held by their heads in a back bend by a man in a purple shirt

Photo courtesy of Pilobolus


Wednesday, September 28 at 1-2:30pm & 2:30-4pm at WCU's Campus Recreation and Wellness Center

people in a class in mid movement. two dancers one female and one male are the subject.

Photo courtesy of Pilobolus

Have you ever asked how do I move my body? How can I expand my movements? Come to WCU’s Campus Recreation Center on September 28th, for a 1.5-hour workshop, and learn the answers to those questions. Join the workshop that focuses on guiding attendees through impromptu dance styles and helps the attendee push the boundaries of their movement styles. No previous dance experience is required!

The core values of Pilobolus workshops are the 3 Cs of creativity, collaboration, and communication. When people work together toward a common goal, they gain an understanding of themselves and each other. This playful, group-driven, physically challenging, and fun workshop welcomes all to experience Pilobolus’s creative process.

In collaboration with WCU's Campus Recreation and Wellness Center, Bardo Arts Center is excited to host Pilobolus as they help students, faculty, and staff to expand their understanding of movement. 

Registration will begin 30 days prior to the event. Please follow the link to sign up! 

Discover more about the Pilobolus by visiting their website. Find Pilobolus on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube.

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