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Hoffman Publishes Article in Journal of Youth and Adolescence


Dr. Adam Hoffman

Dr. Adam Hoffman, Assistant Professor of Psychology, has published an article in the Journal of Youth and Adolescence. The article, "The Relations and Role of Social Competencies and Belonging with Math and Science Interest and Efficacy for Adolescents in Informal STEM Programs" can be viewed online.

Prior research has consistently documented the relations of social competencies, belonging, and motivation outcomes. However, little effort had been made to integrate these social factors into a single model to provide a more comprehensive understanding of the effects of these factors on motivation. Further, to date, research has not explored these relations in contexts outside of formal classroom settings. The current study addressed these gaps by providing a theoretically-based structural model of the relations between social competencies, belongingness to STEM programming in an informal learning site, and math and science interest and efficacy.

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