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Numerical Index

  1. Athletic Staff Appointments, Reappointments and Tenure - REPEALED
  2. Society and Association Memberships
  3. Filling Faculty Vacancies - REPEALED
  4. Energy Conservation Measures
  5. Deleted 4/18/08
  6. Adjunct Faculty Appointments
  7. Replaced by Policy 110, 9/22/10: Campus Housing of Conference Groups
  8. Dual Employment
    Dual Employment Permission Form (PDF)
    Request for Additional Payment to Employee Form (OSCPXA 03) (PDF)
  9. Implementation of Tenure Policies and Regulations of Western Carolina University
  10. Policy Statement on Non-Discrimination and Equal Opportunity
  11. Criteria and Procedures for Naming Facilities and Programs
  12. Fire Protection
  13. Key and Lock Service
  14. Rescinded, 12/10/1999
  15. Advisory Committees
  16. Responsibility for University Publication
  17. Alterations and Renovation of Facilities
  18. Scholarships
  19. Licensing of Music
  20. Administrative Personnel Returning to Full-Time Teaching Status in a Department
  21. Rescinded, 05/01/2002
  22. Intra-Institutional Professional Activities for Pay
  23. Reduction in Force of Employees Subject to the State Human Resources Act
  24. State Matching Funds for College Work-Study Program
  25. Assignments in International Activities
  26. Applicability of "Employment Policies for University Employees Exempt from the State Personnel Act"
  27. Personnel Activity Reporting System
  28. Political Activities of EHRA Employees
  29. Rescinded, 2/21/2011: Time Limits on Appeals Under Section 501C(4) of The Code
  30. Use of State-Owned Vehicles
  31. Leave Policies for University Employees Subject to State Human Resources Act
  32. Rescinded, 7/8/2001
  33. Leave for Firefighting Activities
  34. Leave Policy for EHRA Non-Faculty Staff Members
  35. Professional Development Activities
  36. Fraudulent Disclosure and Willful Nondisclosure of Information Relating to Applications for State Employment
  37. Posting of SHRA Vacancies, Promotions, and Veteran's Preference
  38. Illegal Drugs and Illegal Use or Abuse of Alcohol
  39. Replaced by Policy 114, 11/21/11: Sales and Solicitations on Campus
  40. Printing and Copying
  41. Leave During Adverse Weather Conditions
  42. Replaced by Policy 110, 9/22/10: Continuing Education
  43. Voluntary Shared Leave Program
  44. Safe and Healthful Working Conditions
  45. Smoking in Campus Facilities
  46. Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986
  47. Replaced by Policy 110, 9/22/10: Coordination of the Use of University Facilities by Off-Campus Groups
  48. Building Hours
  49. PawPrint Services
  50. Research Involving Recombinant DNA Molecules
  51. Conducting Surveys
  52. Responsible Use of Information Technology Resources
  53. Unlawful Discrimination 
  54. Conflicts of Interest; External Activities for Pay; Conflicts of Commitment
  55. Solicitation of External Funds
  56. Ethics in Research
  57. Employment of Related Persons/Nepotism
  58. Improper Relationships between Students and Employees
  59. Summer Pay for Nine-Month Faculty Member - REPEALED
  60. Overtime Work
  61. Annual Evaluation for Staff Members Reporting Directly to the Chancellor
  62. Contract Review and Execution
  63. Replaced by Policy 109, 8/17/12: Workplace Violence
  64. Rescinded 11/15/2012: In-Range Salary Adjustments for SPA Employees
  65. Space Utilization and Allocation
  66. Guidelines for use of Radioactive Materials
  67. Information Technology Endpoint Device Lifecycle
  68. Cellular Phones
  69. Re-Hiring An Individual Previously Terminated From Employment by WCU
  70. Unlawful Workplace Harassment -- SHRA Employees - REPEALED 11/23/2021
  71. Children in the Workplace or Unsupervised on Campus
  72. Family Educational Rights and Privacy(FERPA or Buckley Amendment)
  73. Use of Telephone and Voice Mail Service during Regular Business Hours
  74. Records Requests
  75. Removal of University Assets From the Campus
  76. Community Service Leave
  77. Grievance Policies and Procedures for SHRA Employees
  78. Disciplinary Policy and Procedures for SHRA Employees
  79. Performance Pay Dispute Resolution Procedures for SHRA Employees - REPEALED
  80. University Health Center Services
  81. Alcoholic Beverages
  82. Facilities Use and Public Art
  83. Accommodation of Faculty, Employees, and Applicants with Disabilities
  84. Copyright Policy
  85. Reporting Misuse of State Property
  86. Web Accessibility Policy
  87. Secondary Employment Policy for SHRA Employees
  88. Facilities and Administration Receipts Policy
  89. Serious Illness and Disability Leave for Faculty
  90. Use of Low Speed Vehicles on Campus
  91. Weapons on Campus
  92. Hiring Internationals at Western Carolina University
  93. Electronic Mail Policy for Non-Student Users
  94. EPA Non-Faculty Performance Evaluation Policy
  95. Data Network Security and Access Control
  96. Policy Statement on Student Residence in WCU Residence Halls
  97. Data Security and Stewardship
  98. Employment Background Screening
  99. Use of Voicemail of Western Carolina University
  100. International Travel and International Visitors
  101. Installation and Use of Public Safety Technologies
  102. University Center BYOB Alcohol Service - REPEALED
  103. Tailgating
  104. Governing External Gifts with Academic Implications
  105. Centers and Institutes
  106. Identity Theft Prevention Program
  107. Employee Assistance Program
  108. Records Retention and Disposition
  109. Campus/Workplace Violence Prevention and Management
  110. Events Policy
  111. Administrative Separation of the Chancellor
  112. EHRA Non-faculty Employee Grievance Policy
  113. Policy Development, Approval, and Review Procedures
  114. Solicitation, Assemblies, and Public Addresses
  115. Trespassing on University Property
  116. Clery Act Policy
  117. Information Security Policy
  118. Emergency Closing of Campus Facility or Workplace - REPEALED
  119. Software Adoption Policy
  120. Payment Card Processing Policy
  121. Student WCUid Account Lifecycle Policy
  122. Video Capture Policy
  123. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act Compliance
  124. Use of Drones (Unmanned Aircraft) on Campus
  125. Preferred Name Policy
  126. Protection of Minors on Campus
  127. Property Acquisition and Leasing
  128. Electronic Signature Policy
  129. Title IX Sexual Harassment
  130. University Patent Policy
  131. Research Involving Human Subjects
  132. Auxiliary Services and Retail Sales
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