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University Policy 49

PawPrint Services

Draft:  February 4, 2020

Policy Topic:  Information Technology
Administering Office: Office of the CIO


This policy defines and establishes governance for the university managed printer fleet, PawPrint.  This includes, but is not limited to, printing, copying, scanning, and faxing.  PawPrint services shall be utilized for all university printing and other services listed below.


This policy applies to all university and community members desiring office level printing and related services.  This policy will be reviewed every 3 years.


“PawPrint Services” is a networked based print, copy, scan, and fax service for all faculty, staff, students, and community members of WCU.

“Print client” is the installed software which allows users to print to a specific printer ID and/or to a generic print queue.

“Release Printing” is the ability to send a print job via Release Queue, Mobile Printing, and/or Web-based Printing and releasing that print job at any PawPrint printer within 24 hours of submission.

“Release Queue” is available to all users on WCU-owned computers. Users submit a print job by choosing File>Print and selecting Black-and-White-Print or Color-Print. Print jobs must be released at any PawPrint printer within 24 hours of submission.

“Mobile Printing” is available to all users to submit a print job by choosing File>Print on any mobile device that has been installed and/or configured to use Mobility Print.  Print jobs must be released at any PawPrint printer within 24 hours of submission.

“Web-based Printing” is a dedicated website, available to all users, to upload and submit a print job that must be released at any PawPrint printer within 24 hours of submission.

“Tiers” Each printer will have a designated tier number from 1-4, with the lowest print volume designated Tier 1 and the highest print volume designated Tier 4.

“Grandfathered Printer” are printers that were grandfathered in during the original PawPrint Service launch in 2009.   These devices are not to be replaced by non-PawPrint machines.

“WCU-managed devices” include all computers purchased by the university.

“Defined Billing Code” – Code assigned in Banner allowing the user to pay for PawPrint services.   


PawPrint services shall be utilized for all printing across the university, except for grandfathered printing. 

  1. General
    1. All WCU-managed devices will have a print client installed by IT. WCU-managed devices that do not have the client installed or where the client is not functioning properly, will not be allowed to File>Print.
    2. All personal-owned devices, where the print client cannot be installed, shall use mobile printing or web-based printing to upload and submit documents to be printed.
    3. All supplies/consumables, such as paper and toner, funded by the PawPrint program must not be used in non-PawPrint devices.
    4. Any repairs for intentional damage/misuse of printer requiring repair costs may be billed to the responsible department/division/student.
    5. Users shall not print to any PawPrint device using an USB printer cable or by direct IP address. Users must print via the print client (WCU-managed devices) or web-based printing (personal-owned devices).
  2. Grandfathered Printer Support
    1. IT does not provide support for any grandfathered printers.
    2. These printers must not be network connected, and may only be connected via USB.
  3. Billing
    1. Tier Allocation
      1. At least annually, volume and usage data will be re-evaluated for each PawPrint device to determine appropriate printer tier and pricing rates.
    2. Assigned Billing code
      1. Each faculty and staff will have an assigned departmental billing code in Banner.
    3. Confidential Printing
      1. Printing sensitive or classified information can be performed using “release printing”.
      2. It is the user of PawPrint Services responsibility to follow all data security guidelines, found in the Data Handling Procedures, when utilizing PawPrint Services.
      3. Paper containing sensitive or classified information must be removed from printers and faxes immediately. Faxes and printers used to print sensitive information should not be in public areas unless release printing is used. Any time a document containing sensitive information is being printed the user must make sure they know the proper printer is chosen and go directly to the printer to retrieve the document.


  1. Data Handling Procedures
Office of Web Services