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John W. Bardo Fine and Performing Arts Center

Education and Outreach

Clay Symposium demonstration

 Kevin Snipes at the 2016 Contemporary Symposium 

We're proud to offer educational opportunities to the surrounding communities in our mountain region, an area traditionally underserved but very much alive with artistic dreams as vital and vibrant as those found anywhere. Along with the traditional academic activities of our students and faculty, Bardo Arts Center (BAC) offers opportunities for patrons, artists, musicians, theater groups, creative writers, folk artists, and craft persons alike.  

BAC enhances the appreciation for the Appalachian region's rich and diverse cultural history - woven from the experiences of Native Americans, Scotch-Irish, African-Americans, and a growing Hispanic community. From summer camps to museum education programs, there's something for everyone.  

School matinees & MUSEUM VISITS

A series of school matinees, Learning Live! is designed to introduce regional students of all ages to the performing arts and complement the classroom curriculum. Schools have the option to attach a WCU Fine Art Museum visit and educational art workshop to a performance opportunity, or schedule a stand-alone visit to the museum. 

Learn more about our K-12 programming by clicking here. 

Learn more about scheduling a tour with the WCU Fine Art Museum. 

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