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Alumni of the month- Paul and Vicky Faris

Paul and Vicki Faris

Paul and Vicky Faris

Question.) When did each of you graduate from WCU and in what subject areas?

 Answer.)  Paul: 1966 - BS Education

Vicky:   1966- BS Education

Q.) Tell us some of your fondest memories of your days at WCU.

A.) Paul: Some of my fondest memories are sitting on the wall at the old student union, dancing in the basement of the student union and Sunday nights in Joyner watching Bonanza.

Vicky: My fond memories are dancing in the student union, going to a movie in University Auditorium on Saturday night and watching Henry Logan play basketball.

Q.) Who were your favorite professors at Western and why?

A.) Paul:  I really don’t have a favorite professor but the ones that are most remembered are the social studies and physical education professors. Those departments are where I spent most of my time.

Vicky:  I don’t have a favorite professor either but the professor that taught me skills that I still use today was Dr. Botner of the Education Department.

Q.)  You both were part of Greek letter organizations while at WCU.  How do you feel the fraternal bonds you formed while in college impacted you since graduation?

A.) Paul: The impact of fraternal bonds that were formed at WCU are long lasting. I am in contact and visit with several of my Theta Xi brothers and enjoy their company at football games. Their friendship is part of what brings us back to WCU.

Vicky: It is with great joy that my Delta Zeta sisters meet at each football game for a happy gathering. Old friends are the best friends.

Q.)  You have both had very long and distinguished careers as school administrators.  Tell us a little about your career paths and how you both got there.

A.) Paul: After graduation, I taught eighth and ninth grade and coached football, basketball and baseball for eight years. At night and in the summer, I attended classes at UNCC earning a Master of Education, Administration and Supervision. I worked as an assistant principal for four years then became a principal of an elementary school. I was principal of several elementary schools before my retirement after 32 years of service. After two years doing various jobs for Gaston County Schools I officially retired and have loved every minute of it.

Vicky: After graduation Gaston County Schools hired me as a first-grade teacher. Three years’ later our son arrived and I stayed home for three years. I returned as a Title 1 Reading teacher serving first through sixth graders. During that time, I attended UNCC earning a Master of Education, Administration and Supervision. Working for a while as an assistant principal I retired in 2000. After a year of retirement, I returned to work as the director of a church related preschool. That wonderful job lasted one year when I decided retirement was the best place to be. Retirement is wonderful, everyone should try it.

Q.) Vicky, you and Paul have established a scholarship endowment here at Western within the Honors College.  Tell us about this special scholarship and why it’s so important to you both.

A.) While serving on the Alumni Board we were made aware of the significant need of scholarships for honor students. We value education and see it as a door to success so we decided to establish a scholarship in the hope that in some small way we could help deserving students succeed.

Q.) You have both been very involved with your alma mater over the years.  Paul, you are a former member of the Alumni Board and Vicky, you are a current member.  You are also charter members of the Gaston / Lincoln Western Club.  Why do you feel it is important for alumni to stay connected with their university?

A.) WCU gave us the tools to find success. Through our involvement with our university we hope to show young adults the value of a good education and what that education means to you after graduation.

Q.) Now tell us something unique and interesting about yourselves that few people may know.

A.) Paul:   Although I live at the coast my heart is in the mountains.

Vicky:   About two years ago, I began playing in our church hand bell choir.  It is a lot of fun but challenging because I do not read music!

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