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The votes are in: Faculty/staff newsletter to be called 'Inside WCU'

After two weeks of voting for the new name of Western Carolina University’s faculty and staff newsletter, a winner has been chosen.

“Inside WCU” will replace “The Reporter,” as the name of the weekly faculty/staff email newsletter. “Inside WCU” is tentatively scheduled to make its debut in January.

Some of the information in “Inside WCU” will be sent to all faculty and staff members. However, in the coming weeks, faculty and staff members will receive an email that will allow them to choose what categories they are interested in receiving stories about and the layout of the newsletter. They also will get to choose what day of the week and what time they would like to receive their newsletter, as well as how frequently.

Each email will be tailored to the individual’s interests, meaning WCU employees will only receive stories and features that interest them, at a time when it is convenient for them to receive it.

The goal is for faculty and staff members to stay informed about what’s going on at WCU, while also allowing them to read about things that interest them.


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