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Grants for WCU projects announced by Research Administration

The following is a compilation of grants awarded at Western Carolina University during September and October of 2018. The list is presented in unedited form, courtesy of WCU’s Office of Research Administration.

Grants awarded to WCU Sept. 1-30

Title: Archaeological Excavation Work in the Federal Republic of Germany

PI: Nicholas Passalacqua

Funder: DOD Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency

Amount: $185,551

Description: to conduct archaeological field surveys and systematic archaeological excavation of human remains and material evidence associated with the loss of a WW-II bomber.

Title: Climate Change Vulnerability Assessments, Adaptation, and Communication

PI: Robert Young

Funder: National Park Service

Amount: $80,000 (Supplement to a 2-year award)

Description: to provide the general public and parks with tools and technical support to respond to the threats of natural hazards and climate change.

Title: Effects of ultraviolet and infrared radiation on the hemlock wooly adelgid and their bacterial endosymbionts

PI: Angela Mech

Funder:  USDA National Forest Service

Amount: $20,000

Description: to better understand the role UV and IR radiation has on insect bacterial endosymbionts, to contribute to silvicultural and restoration efforts for eastern hemlock.

Title: North Carolina School Executive Leadership Program: Advancing School Leadership in NC

PI: Jessica Weiler

Funder: North Carolina Alliance for School Leadership Development

Amount: $700,000 (2-year continuation)

Description: to help prepare educators to become school principals and strengthen the quality of educational leadership in public schools.

Title: Research on conservation and recovery of the endangered dusky gopher frog

PI: Joseph Pechmann

Funder: US Fish and Wildlife Service

Amount: $90,000 (continuation of a 3-year award)

Description: To continue and expand research related to the conservation and management of the endangered dusky gopher frog, Rana sevosa.

Title: Talent Search

PI: Todd Murdock

Funder: US Department of Education

Amount: $393,402 (year 3 of a 5-year grant)

Description: To support and empower Western North Carolina students in grades 7-12 and prepare them for college through tutoring and enrichment programs.

Grants awarded to WCU Oct. 1-31

Title: Conduct Fire Effects in the Southern Appalachians

PI: Peter Bates

Funder: USDA National Forest Service

Amount: $16,776

Description: to continue support of fire monitoring plots in the southern Appalachians

Title: Expanding the Use of Biological Controls as a Mitigation Tool for Control of Hemlock Wooly Adelgid in Western North Carolina

PI: James Costa

Funder: North Carolina Policy Collaboratory

Amount: $140,000

Description: to establish and monitor Laricobius spp. field insectaries, in order to assess effectiveness of beetle predators.

Title: Native – Controlling Hypertension and Risk Through Technology (Native-CHART)

PI: Ruth Goins

Funder: Washington State University

Amount: $6,601 (amendment to a 5-year award)

Description: to increase awareness of hypertension, blood pressure control, cardiovascular disease, cerebrovascular disease, and the attendant risk factors among American Indian, Alaska Native, and Native Hawaiian/Other Pacific Islander populations.

Title: North Carolina American Society for Microbiology Annual Meeting

PI: Indrani Bose

Funder: North Carolina Biotechnology Center

Amount: $2,100

Description: to support the North Carolina Branch Meeting of the American Society for Microbiology, a venue for students to present their work to a broad audience.

Title: Roads to Learning and Earning: Preparing Personnel to Improve Post-School Outcomes for Students with Significant Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

PI: David Westling

Funder: US Department of Education

Amount: $125,000 (year 2 of a 5-year award)

Description: to improve adult outcomes for persons with IDD in the areas of post-secondary education, community living, and community employment through the professional preparation of special education teachers and related services providers.

Title: Shadow Cats Program

PI: Sky Sampson

Funder: Cherokee Preservation Foundation

Amount: $7,150

Description: to expose Cherokee high school students to career paths of their choice as they job shadow someone in that career or major for two weeks.

Title: Silica protection in the construction industry

PI: Ahmed Al-Bayati

Funder: Occupational Safety and Health Administration

Amount: $75,000

Description: to prepare safety training materials for at-risk construction workers (e.g., limited English-proficiency workers, illiterate or low-literacy workers, young workers, minority workers, and other hard-to-reach workers) who may be exposed to airborne silica.

Title: The Way We Worked

PI: Pamela Meister

Funder: North Carolina Humanities Council

Amount: $2,000

Description: - to expand exhibit-related programming to a 7-county audience and include WCU students in engaged learning with community partners.


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