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Academic Departments

The College of Engineering and Technology is comprised of two different departments of study that offer both undergraduate and graduate degree programs:

Engineering and Technology


Construction Management


Project-Based Learning

What's consistent across departments and degree programs within the College of Engineering and Technology is the college's commitment to making project-based learning an integral part of the entire curriculum. With project-based learning, we offer an enhanced form of education – one that provides the best opportunity for an outstanding undergraduate experience and outcome.

From a student's first day on campus, our faculty and staff are committed to providing both instruction in the fundamentals of the courses they teach and guidance in how to apply the fundamentals to solve problems, improve processes and create new knowledge. As a result, our graduates have a distinct advantage, based on the theory they have learned and the experience they have gained, when they go on to advanced studies or begin to work in their chosen careers.

The disciplines of Engineering and Technology and Construction Management are intrinsically hands-on.

Our students are working with other students, faculty and staff, corporate partners, project sponsors -- working together to solve problems; to find solutions that will have impact. As a result, we have undergraduates who are getting patents and getting their work published in prestigious journals. It is important to note that a significant number of our graduates have gone on to earn prestigious fellowships for study at the masters and PhD levels. That is a measure of the quality of the College of Engineering and Technology programs.

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