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College of Engineering and Technology

Kimmel School of Construction Management

Construction Management Class


The Kimmel School of Construction Management houses undergraduate and graduate programs designed to provide students with a broad-based knowledge of the construction industry, a solid education, and extensive training in business and management applications. Students also have the opportunity to work with state-of-the-art technology and CM industry-standard software.

The curriculum includes multiple aspects of the profession, such as contracts and specifications, safety, quality control, land development, computer applications, business, finance, accounting, teamwork, communication skills and leadership. The CM degree programs prepare graduates for productive careers in the construction industry such as managers, project managers or property managers.

The school's undergraduate CM program is fully accredited by the American Council for Construction Education, the premiere construction management accrediting agency in the country. The curriculum was designed by faculty members, students and members of the construction industry to meet the needs of students and the firms that hire CM graduates to work in the construction industry.

Academic Programs

The Kimmel School of Construction Management offers bachelor’s degrees in the following areas of study:

ACCE Accredited Program

Construction Management, B.S.
Accredited by the American Council for Construction Education
Accreditation Public Information

Graduate Programs

Master of Construction Management
Online Graduate Program

Minor Programs

Minor in Construction Management
Minor in Land Development

Faculty & Staff

Name Area of Specialization Phone Office
Gehrig, Bruce - Director  Civil Engineering 828-227-2544 Belk 211A
Middleton, Trista Administrative Support Associate 828-227-2201 Belk 211
Al-Bayati, Ahmed Civil Engineering, Safety 828-227-2519 Belk 225
Coffin, Jim Visiting Assistant Professor 828-227-2069 Belk 112
Namian, Mostafa Civil Engineering 828-227-2545 Belk 229
Sciara, Steve Construction, Architecture, Design 828-227-2439 Belk 116
Steffen, Robert Civil Engineering 828-227-3460 Belk 226
Suk, Sung Joon Civil Engineering,
Project Management
828-227-2169 Belk 115
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