College of Education and Allied Professions

Instructional Technology Support

Our college provides educational and research support through consultation, instruction and equipment checkout (e.g., cameras, voice recorders) through the office of Instructional Technology Support.

The College of Education and Allied Professions is actively involved with promoting technical competence, awareness and skill-building throughout our educational programs, emphasizing the benefits that technology can bring to classrooms by promoting active, participatory learning. Our philosophy of using technology effectively, efficiently and wisely permeates all levels of integration and is also reflected in our college's conceptual framework.

Instructional Technology Resources

Equipment for Checkout (pdf) to faculty, staff, or students for college-related activities
Faculty Checkout Form (pdf)
Student Checkout Form (pdf)

Apps currently available on the iPad's in the iPad cart

Equipment Carts

Laptop Carts: Two laptop carts of 30 laptops each are available for checkout. All are Dell and run Windows 10.  To schedule a laptop cart, contact Misty Colton.

iPad Cart: One cart of 30 iPad 2's is available for checkout. Contact Misty Colton in order to schedule the cart and ask about installed apps.

Chromebook Cart: One cart of 30 Chromebooks is available for checkout. Contact Misty Colton to schedule a cart.


Virtual DesktopTo access it, click on the link and install the first "client" in the list of links (the first time you use it). When it asks for a server, use "" and log in with your Blackboard username and password. Pick the image you wish from the list (if you have more than one listed) and go.

VoiceThreadStudents and faculty log in as you would to Blackboard.

Classroom Resources

  • Killian 102 - Multiple SmartBoard Learning Space
  • Killian 104 - SmartBoard classroom
  • Killian 202 - SmartBoard conference room
  • Killian 302P - SmartBoard conference room
  • Reid 109 - SmartBoard classroom

Extron Control Unit - video

SmartBoard Demo - video

WorkShops and Training

Flip Video Camera - handout (doc)
Zoom Q3 Video Camera - handout (doc)

Audio Recorders:
Panasonic Recorder (audio recorder) - handout (doc)
Phillips Voice Tracer (audio recorder) - handout (doc)

Office of Web Services