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Teacher Education Electronic Portfolio

The teacher education programs use an electronic portfolio system to collect artifacts that are required for admission, state licensure, and graduation.

As of summer 2018, Tk20 as a brand will change to Watermark. You may find references to Tk20 on our website and documentation but these refer to the Watermark system.

Student Accounts

Undergraduate students: your accounts are active and paid for from your student fees. Use the login link to the left to access your account.

Graduate students: you must purchase your Watermark account. You can either purchase a subscription code from the WCU Bookstore or you can purchase your account online via a credit card. Follow these directions to purchase your account.


For more detailed information on edTPA, visit our dedicated website.

You will be granted access to the edTPA portfolio for your program during the first week of your Intern II semester. To access your edTPA portfolio:

  • Log in to Watermark
  • Click on the Portfolios tab on the left
  • You will see a sub-tab called Portfolios. Click on this.
  • You should now see the portfolio for your academic program. Click on the name of the portfolio to access it.
  • The first tab at the top has links to documents such as the handbook. Note the special username and password on this page that you will have to use to access these.
  • There are other documents and templates you can download in the Task 1, 2, and 3 tabs. The same username and password listed in the first tab works for these.
  • You can upload work to this portfolio at any time. Do NOT submit your portfolio until all your materials for all three Tasks are uploaded.

Students: Watch a video about submitting your edTPA portfolio. Also, a video about how to revise your portfolio, if necessary. You will need to log in with your WCUid

Evaluators: Watch a video about the edTPA local scoring process in Tk20. You will need to log in with your WCUid

Submitting Course Assignments

To submit a course assignment:

  • Log in to Watermark
  • Look for the Pending Tasks box. You will see a link to any assignments you have for this semester.
  • Click on the assignment you need to submit.
  • Fill out the form and/or upload files you need to submit for this assignment.
  • Click the green "Submit" button at the bottom when you are ready.
  • Your assignment will be automatically sent to your course instructor for evaluation.

Field Experiences

Advanced Licensure Portfolio

Students in the MAT or MAED degree programs, see this document for directions on submitting the portfolio

Specifications of the Advanced Licensure Portfolio for MAED and MAT students

Initial Licensure Portfolio


Students: use this brief set of directions to guide you as you submit your work.

For EE6: Participation Documentation Form

For EE2 in Music: Score Study Detailed Directions


Teacher as Leader Essay Directions and Rubric

School Psychology Program

Faculty and Evaluators

Here are general guides to evaluate items in Watermark:

Assessing a Portfolio - Applies to initial and advanced licensure portfolios

Assessing a Course Assignment


How to Evaluate Student Dispositions - use if you are teaching a class where we evaluate dispositions


How to submit Intern I and II Grading Rubrics


Watch a video about the edTPA local scoring process in Watermark. You will need to log in with your WCUid

MSA/PMC Programs

Contact the program faculty regarding your requirements

Core Competencies and Mentor Signature Record

 Please contact our local Watermark support via email:


Office of Web Services