College Of Health & Human Sciences

Social Work Faculty & Staff

Patricia Morse

MSW, Ph.D., LCSW; Professor, Department Head, Graduate (MSW) Program Director

Josie Crolley-Simic

MSW, Ph.D.; Associate Professor, Undergraduate (BSW) Program Director

Katy Allen

MSW; Assistant Professor, Director of Field Education

Liz Anderson

MSW, DSW, LCSW; Assistant Professor

Jeanne Dulworth

MSW; Assistant Professor

R. Turner Goins

Ph.D.; Ambassador Jeanette W. Hyde Endowed Professor of Gerontological Social Work

Sur Ah Hahn

MSW, Ph.D.; Assistant Professor

Rebecca Lasher

MSW, Ed.D; Assistant Professor

Lisa Lefler

Ph. D.; Assistant Professor, Culturally-based Native Health Programs

Amy Murphy-Nugen

MSW, Ph.D.; Assistant Professor

Shantel Sullivan

MSW, LMSW; Assistant Professor

Tonya Westbrook

MSW, Ph.D.; Associate Professor

Beth Young

MSW, LCSW, LCAS, CSI; Assistant Professor, Coordinator Substance Abuse Studies Certificate

Melissa Johnson

Administrative Assistant


Terry Gibson

DSW; Associate Professor

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