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Faculty Toolbox

Questions about our tutoring services?

Check out our Tutoring Services FAQ (pdf).


Please take the following steps to integrate our services into your courses:

  • Recommend successful students as tutors for the WaLC.
  • Include the WaLC syllabus statement in your course syllabus and link to us from your Blackboard course.

  • Request an in-class workshop to introduce your students to the WaLC's services.
  • Review the Current Tutor Assignments document to see a complete list of our outstanding student staff and their specialty areas.

  • Request Blackboard access for tutors assigned to your course. Please do not request "Course Grader" or "Course Builder" access for tutors. Blackboard access allows tutors to review your course syllabus and familiarize themselves with your expectations for students.

Please note that due to space limitations, instructors should not send an entire class for writing tutoring on the same assignment.


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