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Academic Skills Consultations

Academic Skills Consultants (ASCs) are tutors who specialize in helping students develop the tools for success in college. ASCs work specifically with students on time management, test preparation, note-taking, and reading. These tutors are selected based on overall academic success and their desire to help others develop individualized systems that work. ASCs are available for one-on-one sessions and in-class workshops.

For one-on-one sessions, students will:

  • Get help identifying their learning preferences
  • Determine habits that need changing
  • Discuss different strategies for improvement
  • Have access to handouts and resources
  • Create a plan to reach their goals

For an appointment with an Academic Skills Consultant, click "Get Tutoring."

During in-class workshops, ASCs will:

  • Engage students in discussions about academic skills
  • Facilitate activities to illustrate the material
  • Provide options for students to choose the solutions right for them
  • Share their won experiences in learning how to be successful college students

Request an in-class workshop HERE.

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