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Mathematics Tutoring Center

MTC COVID-19 Update

The Math Tutoring Center has transitioned to an online platform for appointment-based tutoring. We will no longer be holding drop-in tutoring hours until further notice. Students, faculty, and staff can reach the director at or 828.227.3830.

In addition to online appointments, students can access Brainfuse.  Brainfuse is a free, online tutoring service.
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As this is an evolving situation, check this page frequently for updates and additional resources. Students should check their Catamount email regularly for information about online MTC resources, updates, and announcements.

The Mathematics Tutoring Center (MTC), located in 214 Killian Annex, is an associated service of the Writing and Learning Commons Group.  We are located on the second floor of Killian Annex, and we are closely connected with the Math and Computer Science Department.

Hours of Operation

All MTC staff, including the director, are planning to work remotely, effective Wednesday, March 18. Please use this webpage for information on how to schedule a remote appointment with one of our tutors.

SUMMER 2020 Hours: By Appointment, stay tuned for virtual drop-in hours

Tutors are only available online, beginning Monday, March 23.
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Please Note: Students should attend their online appointments prepared to work.

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While the MTC tutors are assisting you online, it is extremely important that you have been consistently following the direction of the faculty member who is teaching your course(s).  That means completing or attempting to complete your assignments, participating in class, and following whatever your instructor, lecturer, or professor has outlined as the expectations for your success in the course(s).

Our MTC tutors will not do your work for you. We can offer assistance, but students must be the ones doing the coursework. If you have questions about a homework problem, a mathematical concept, or class assignment, we expect you to have tried to complete these things on your own. Having struggled with the material before you schedule an appointment with us will actually help us do our job. You will not learn mathematics without some effort on your part as the student, so please keep that in mind while you are working with our tutors. Bring your specific questions to your appointment so that you can let the tutor know exactly where you are getting frustrated, confused, or lost. We don't always know all of the answers, but we can help you work through a challenging problem so you can hopefully complete the next one on your own.

 Additional Resources

MTC Services

Drop-in Tutoring Program:

Peer tutors available during regular hours to help with homework, review concepts, study skills, and to answer questions about math courses.  Just come on in Killian Annex 214 and find a seat anywhere there is space.  You will see a blue and a red cup stacked on each table in the MTC - flip the cups so that the red one is on top when you have worked yourself into a place where you need help, and a tutor will get to you as soon as they can.  Does the drop-in style not work so well for you?  Please let the Director know if you are having difficulty with the drop-in model, so other options can be discussed.


A library of textbooks is maintained for students, as supplement to their regular textbook. Materials from this collection, or materials provided by an instructor, may be checked out by students.  Ask a tutor or the Director if you would like to use one of the textbooks.

Calculator Loans:

The MTC keeps a few spare calculators in the Director's office that it loans out to individuals.  We do not keep many, so come early if you know you forgot yours and you have a test that day!  All we ask is that you return it as you found it, and leave your CatCard in exchange for the calculator until you are done with it.

Course-Specific Tutoring Appointments:

Make an appointment today! Although we are mainly a drop-in tutoring center, we do have some tutors who are able to offer appointments, in addition to their drop-in schedule.  We also have several rooms in Killian Annex that are used for small group and one-on-one tutoring sessions.

Visits to appropriate classes: 

At the beginning of each Fall and Spring semester, visits to 100-level mathematics courses are made by the Director or trained MTC student representatives.

Test Preparation:

The MTC offers help with studying for the GRE, LSAT, and MCAT exams. Visit our Graduate and Professional Exam Preparation page to learn more. 

Interested in working in the mtc?

Before becomming a tutor, students must be eligible for Student Employment.  Please familiarize yourself with the Student Emplyment Procedure and Eligibiltiy Requirements before applying to the MTC.

Learn about becoming a Mathematics Tutor

Learn about other Campus Employment options

Other Student resources

A student's first and best resource for their mathematics course is the professor or instructor teaching the course.  Students should make every effort to meet with their professor or instructor, early on in the semester, if and when they feel the need, as a best practice for student success.  Keep in mind that there is no substitute for: showing up for class prepared, engaging in classroom lectures, participating in discussions and completing assignments, doing the homework, reading the textbook(s), taking good notes, and asking questions. Below, you will find a list of decent websites that can assist with understanding certain mathematical concepts, but always consult with your professor before using these resources so that you understand their preferred methods and practices.

Website and Video Resources:

Tutorial Math

SOS Math

Math World

Math is Fun

Purple Math

Khan Academy

 *For other questions about mathematics tutoring, please contact Sibley Bryan, MTC Director (, 828-227-3830). 

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