Mathematics Tutoring Center

The Mathematics Tutoring Center (MTC) is located in Stillwell 455

The MTC is an associated service of the Writing and Learning Commons Group

Hours of Operation: This is the normal schedule of operation, subject to change due to tutors' schedules. Each semester's schedule is posted inside the Center, so drop by to check for variations . Summer Session schedule may vary.

Fall/Spring Hours:

Day Hours of Operation
Monday-Thursday 9:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m.
Friday 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

For questions about summer tutoring, please contact Sibley Bryan, MTC Interim Director (, 828-227-3830).

Tutors are available during these hours to help with homework, review concepts, help with study skills, and answer questions about math courses. Students are welcome to use the MTC as a study location so that a tutor is available if questions arise. Students may attempt homework on their own, and then bring specific questions in for tutor input.

Students should come prepared to work, with their course textbook, class notes, their own calculator (if needed), and attempts at homework problems. The MTC does not always have copies of all current textbooks, so it is important for students to bring their own copy. Bringing attempted work, even if it is incorrect, will help the tutor diagnose problems efficiently. Class notes allow the tutor to follow the same approach as the instructor to avoid confusion.

The center also offers an individual tutoring program with regularly scheduled appointments for students with a specific peer tutor. This program is available to students who have tried the drop-in service and find that they need more structure and consistency than drop-in tutoring. Most students find that the drop-in service will meet their needs, once they develop a routine of attending.

In addition to tutoring, the resource center maintains a library of textbooks and study guides for student reference.


1. Drop-in tutoring program: Peer tutors available during regular hours to help with homework, review concepts, and study skills, and to answer questions about math courses.

2. Library: A library of textbooks and study guides is maintained for students, as supplement to their regular textbook. Materials from this collection, or materials provided by an instructor, may be checked out by students.

3. Study sessions: Organized on demand for special topics in regular courses or organized on a regular basis as a supplement to courses. Tutors may be assigned to a particular course during drop-in hours. Some study sessions develop spontaneously during the semester for some courses.

Services of the MTC are advertised each semester by posted fliers, announcements by faculty in relevant courses, over the campus communications, and in the student newspaper.

Visits to appropriate classes (math classes and study skills courses) are made by the Director or trained student representatives. Fliers are available to academic coordinators for Special Services and Athletics. Tutoring for math classes supervised by another agency (i.e. Special Services) is coordinated through the Mathematics Tutoring Center.

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