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Enroll Tutors in Your Canvas Course

If you are teaching a course that has tutors or SI Leaders assigned to it, consider enrolling those students in your Canvas course so they can follow your curriculum and familiarize themselves with your course objectives.

To enroll a tutor or SI Leader in a Canvas course:

Option 1: 

Call the IT Help Desk at 828.227.7487.

  • Provide the course prefix, number, and section number(s) you would like the tutors or SI Leaders added to.

Option 2:

Complete the Canvas Enrollment form.

For Either Option:

  • Be prepared to provide the tutor’s or SI Leader’s name, 920#, and catamount email. If you need help compiling this information, contact the WaLC at
  • Indicate that you want the tutor or SI Leader enrolled as a “Tutor” in your course. This Canvas role will give WaLC employees the ability to view your class as a student; they will not have access to the gradebook or any editing capabilities. 


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