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University Policies and Related Procedures

NEW POLICY: Policy 14: Textbook, Textbook Rental and Course Materials Policy


About University Policies

Policies issued by the UNC Board of Governors, the WCU Board of Trustees, and the chancellor regulate the conduct of University activity to serve the interests of the University and its faculty, staff, and students in carrying out its missions.

Compliance with the requirements of University policy is a condition of enrollment for University students and of employment for members of the faculty and staff. Violations of University policy can lead to disciplinary action including, in appropriate cases, expulsion of students or discharge from employment for members of the faculty and staff. It is therefore important that all members of the faculty and staff, and all members of the student body, are aware of the requirements of applicable University policies.

The numbered policies cited in this document include policies established by the Chancellor under delegated executive authority or mandated by virtue of Board of Governors policy or state/federal legislation. They may be searched on the internet numerically and by topic. These policies are maintained by the Office of the Chancellor and are subject to revision from time to time by appropriate authorities.  University Policy #113 governs the development and approval of University policies.

Policy Indexes

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Additional Links

UNC Policy Manual: The UNC Administrative Manual has been merged with The Code of the UNC Board of Governors. The contents of these documents may now be found here.

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