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Preceptor Spotlight: Rebecca Stubbs

Rebecca Stubbs


Name: Rebecca Stubbs, PT, DPT, Cert DN
Employer: Compleat Rehab
Length of time as a preceptor: 2-3 years

Dr. Stubbs is the PT manager/lead for her outpatient PT clinic, and is responsible for marketing to women’s health in clinics and hospitals in the area. Rebecca has been a PT for 5 years in an outpatient setting.

"I have been practicing in orthopedics for 4-5 years and am currently the lead physical therapist at Compleat Rehab seeking a specialty in women’s health focusing on perinatal and postpartum health."

Rebecca has great communication skills with her students and is able to give great advice/knowledge during clinical experience.  She is willing to challenge her students for increased clinical reasoning throughout the weeks and gives great feedback before, during, and after skills.

"My advice is to not be afraid to be wrong and seek more information whether it be research or coworkers. Everyone doesn’t know everything and your motivation to seek more information will only help you grow as a clinician. Always have a WHY for what you are doing with patients - a purpose will make it more effective and more pertinent towards that specific patient. We, as a discipline, 'under treat' so do not be scared to challenge your patients and push the limits. It will help them get better!"

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