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University faculty, staff awards announced for ’24

fac staff awards '24


By Marlon W. Morgan

Earlier this year, Western Carolina University was ranked 34th on Forbes’ list of Best Mid-Size employers for 2024.

On Monday, April 22, the university’s faculty and staff were celebrated during the annual Faculty and Staff Excellence Awards ceremony.

“Our faculty and staff have worked incredibly hard to make this year a successful and memorable one for our students,” Chancellor Kelli R. Brown said. “Our work and our workplace culture does not go unnoticed.

“I was so pleased when WCU was ranked 34th on Forbes’ list of Best Mid-Size employers and was only 1 of 2 universities in North Carolina to be recognized in the top 100 employers. This recognition reflects our commitment to academic excellence, access and value, and is a direct testament to the work and effort of each and every employee at WCU.”

The awards program is a celebration of achievements of the university’s faculty and staff in the areas of teaching, scholarship and service. Brown and Provost Richard Starnes presided over the event which was held in the Hinds University Center GrandRoom.

Prior to announcing the university award winners, Brown recognized this year’s WCU recipient of the UNC Board of Governors Excellence in Teaching Award, Alvin Malesky, professor in the psychology department.

Below is a list of the 2024 university award winners:

Chancellor’s Distinguished Teaching Award – Channa De Silva

channa de silva


De Silva is a professor in the chemistry and physics department who intentionally modified his teaching methods using student feedback to make the course interesting and palatable to students. He uses a modified form of Process Oriented Guided Inquiry Learning, a student-centered active learning technique focused on process and is used with self-managed teams of learners with the instructor acting as the facilitator.

“In using POGIL, students became more active and engaged in the learning process,” Brown said. “Overall, his teaching approach shows that he cares about his students’ success.”

Star Staff Award – Chris Ray

chris ray


Ray works in Facilities Management. His ongoing work and willingness to go above and beyond the call of duty, along with his dedication to the university’s external partners with Mountain Heritage Day are just a few reasons why he was chosen.

“With his everlasting can-do attitude, Chris Ray is the epitome of what the Star Staff Award represents,” Brown said. “You will not find a more dedicated individual at WCU. Mr. Ray works tirelessly each year to ensure the Mountain Heritage Day festival is successful. Amid setting up the 2023 event, he had a heart attack and was hospitalized. He called from the hospital bed to assist with Mountain Heritage Day. Now that is dedication.”

Bright Idea Staff Award – Brenda Holcombe

brenda holcombe


As a director of university scholarships, Holcombe’s idea of Catamount Commitment during the last recruiting cycle helped change the world of scholarship awarding at WCU. Enrollment had declined because of COVID-19. Holcombe’s idea was risky in that it could backfire with underproduce enrollment or overcommit allocated funding.

“But when the fall 2023 census dust settled, Catamount Commitment helped deliver the third-largest class in WCU history, increasing cohort quality and diversity, too,” Brown said. “This idea should aid performance-based funding as well. Ms. Holcombe’s involvement in the Catamount Commitment program and all of the ways she supports students with limited resources in the scholarship office has a great deal to do with the enrollment we have this year.”

Judy H. Dowell Outstanding Support Staff Award – Kevin Stephens

kevin stephens


Stephens works in Facilities Management. He recently went to school to obtain credentials to become WCU’s backflow ORC, which protects the safety of the university’s water system. Since becoming the ORC, Stephens has worked to develop a program that has allowed WCU to become state compliant and functional level of protection.

“Mr. Stephens has also obtained his state swimming pool and spa operator’s license and helps maintain the Reid pool and Health and Human Sciences spa as needed,” Brown said. “He volunteers to come in every other Saturday for half a day to maintain the pool and spa.”

Paul A. Reid Distinguished Service Award for Administrative Staff – Trina Orr

trina orr


Orr is the director of financial aid. She is a trusted adviser and leader for WCU and the UNC System.

“She is frequently called upon to share her expertise with various stakeholders such as faculty, staff, Executive Council and the Board of Trustees,” Brown said. “Because of her expertise, the UNC System asked Ms. Orr to serve on two task teams regarding the massive overhaul of FAFSA and NC scholarships.”

Paul A. Reid Distinguished Service Award for Faculty – Kathleen Brennan

kathleen brennan


Brennan, a professor in anthropology or sociology, has helped increase WCU’s understanding of institutional culture and climate associated with mental health through her extensive research and service. Her successful five-year collaboration with numerous stakeholders across campus has advanced mental health awareness and treatment on WCU’s campus.

“Her unwavering commitment has contributed significantly to important institutional goals, such as student support, inclusion and retention,” Brown said. “We look forward to seeing what Dr. Brennan’s future holds on our campus.”

University Scholar Award – Jonathan Campbell

jonathan campbell


Campbell is a professor of psychology and the director of the doctoral program in Health Service Psychology. Prolific in the area of neurodevelopmental disabilities, Campbell has authored or co-authored just under 100 articles and book chapters with almost 4700 independent citations.

“In addition to numerous other grants, he has teamed with WCU researchers across colleges on Project INTERACT, a $1.25 million initiative to train graduate students from special education, communication sciences and disorders, and psychology to provide evidence-based assessment and intervention services to autistic students with high-intensity needs.”

Excellence in Teaching Liberal Studies – Brian Gastle

brian gastle


Gastle is a professor in English Studies. Gastle is skillful at tying Medieval literature to topics that are germane to students’ lives in 2024.

“He pushes his students to step outside their modern interpretation of words and phrases to better situate themselves – and their understanding – in works written during the Middle Ages,” Starnes said. “Dr. Gastle is a passionate, knowledgeable and affirming educator who encourages students to engage deeply with course subject matter.”

Innovative Scholarship Award – Katy Allen and Cyndy Caravelis

cyndy caravelis


Allen is an associate instructor in the Department of Social work and Caravelis is a professor in criminology and criminal justice. The two collaborated and researched to develop a program that caters to the specific needs of Western North Carolina following the tragic murder of George Floyd and the subsequent calls for police reform. The Community Care Project is significant in that it offers new professional training opportunities for WCU students and fosters relationships with the local community to address their needs and concerns.

“It has already started to reshape law enforcement practices locally and across the state and intervene in national discussions about the intersection of policing and social work, a crucial topic when social issues persist,” Starnes said. “The creation of the ‘Community Care Program Manual’ is particularly noteworthy, as it provides a toolkit for other institutions and communities that wish to establish connections between policing and social work, showcasing its potential for far-reaching impact in North Carolina and beyond.”

Excellence in Community Engagement – Travis Rountree

travis rountree


Rountree is an assistant professor in English Studies. His engagement with the Sylva and Jackson County communities has been notable. For three years, he has coordinated Sylva Pride – Sylva’s first LGBTQ+ Pride event. He is also the co-founder of the LGBTQIA+ Archive of Western North Carolina, which gives voice to LGBTQ+ Appalachians. And he’s engaged in regional scholarly communities through is current presidency of the Appalachian Studies Association.

“This is another monumental task culminating each year in the coordination of the Appalachian Studies Association conference, which will be held this year at WCU,” Starnes said. “To top it all off he also volunteers with Blue Ridge Pride, centered in Asheville.”

Student Nominated Faculty of the Year – David Scales

david scales


Scales is an associate instructor of psychology. His research interest focuses on educational psychology and impacts to student learning, motivation, self-efficacy and retention, as well as equity in education.

His nominator said, “He is extremely passionate and easy to learn from and communicate with.”

Program of Excellence Award: Academic Program – University Participant Program

kelly kelley


The trailblazing UP Program started in 2007 at WCU. It provides an inclusive, two-year, on-campus living and learning experience for college-aged persons with intellectual disability. The goal is to facilitate UP students’ transition from secondary school to adult life with education, employment and independent living. In May 2023, the program became the first inclusive postsecondary education program accredited by the Inclusive Higher Education Accreditation Council.

“WCU UP graduates beat the odds,” the nominator said. “First, UP graduates have maintained 90% competitive integrated employment in comparison to 21% of the national average. Second, 55% of the UP graduates are in their own homes and/or living with family members in comparison to 15% of the national average of individuals with intellectual disability living on their own. Additionally, UP students have been involved din 576 college courses with 239 different WCU instructors and have worked with more than 110 employers on and off campus. And finally, WCU UP has brought in more than $4.5 million from grants and donors.”

Program of Excellence Award: Administrative Program, Irene Welch Award – Catalytics



The Catalytics team provides data at your fingertips through more than 88 dashboards. During the past year, Catalytics has provided a huge lift, producing dashboards for the new UNC System funding model, program retention, undergraduate graduation, admissions, financial aid, student debt and scholarships.

“They take complex data and create tools that are user-friendly for a variety of skill levels through collaboration and by prioritizing their partner’s need,” the nominator said. “I have observed them seeking to understand my perspective and checking in multiple times throughout the process for additional feedback. Sometimes I realize that there is more potential in the data and present a new problem to be addressed. They work to find a solution that meets my needs, even when it creates more work for them.”

Other University Honors

Scholarly Development Assignment Program

The purpose of this program is to assist members of the faculty in improving their competence as scholars by providing a period of leave from usual work assignments to pursue concentrated scholarly work. These assignments are based on the quality and feasibility of activities proposed for the assignment.

Andrew Adams, professor and director in the School of Music, David Orr Belcher College of Fine and Performing Arts

Adams will be writing his first book to establish a method for analyzing video performances of widely noted concert pianists and collegiate-level piano students. The book will establish a framework for analyzing hand, wrist, and arm positions relative to the body itself; motion and positions of the body relative to the keyboard; the distinctions between causative, reactive and extraneous motion; and other aspects of piano technique that can be applied by students to their own performance, a science of the self that is observable in real time.

Lisa Briggs, professor in the Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice, College of Arts and Sciences

Briggs will be completing a training manual for search and recovery of missing persons using the latest scientific information and innovative technology on human remains recovery as well as filming and hosting a documentary focused on the work involved in the rescue and recovery of missing persons. A factual documentary will allow the quickest access by way of pop culture and media venues to reach a wide array of audiences, and the training manual will allow written distributable scholarly contributions in the fields of Human Remains Detection, Criminal Justice, and Emergency and Disaster Management.

Kae Livsey, professor in the School of Nursing, College of Health and Human Services

Livsey will be conducting research at participating schools of nursing and other organizations in Austria in conjunction with The Institute for Applied Research on Aging and the Department of Health and Nursing at Kärnten University of Applied Sciences. The goal is to examine the impact of the Austrian health system’s Community Nurse Pilot Program to improve care coordination and population health outcomes for older adults and relate these findings for potential nursing care models to support the same within the US health care system. She hopes to submit a minimum of three manuscripts in peer reviewed journals and develop a class lecture module related to the findings of the project which can be incorporated into undergraduate classes at WCU.

Kadence Otto, professor in the School of Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Sport Management, and Hospitality and Tourism Management, College of Business

Otto will be writing the 2nd edition of her textbook, Applied Ethics for Sport Managers. The new edition will develop PowerPoints, include quizzes for each chapter, add two new chapters, and split an existing one. The new and adjusted chapters will explore how over-conformity leads to performance enhancements, how technological enhancements are changing sport, and gambling within sport and its ethical implications. Her goal is to submit the new book to Carolina Academic Press by early 2026 for publication.

Callie Schultz, associate professor in the Department of Human Services, College of Education and Allied Professions

Schultz will be partnering with The Norwegian School of Sport Sciences in Oslo, Norway to join their friluftsliv (Norwegian concept/lifestyle meaning ‘outdoor life’ or ‘open air living’) research team, collaborating on social justice and friluftsliv-focused research projects. She will also be developing an academic exchange program between WCU and NIH to foster student study abroad between the WCU Parks and Recreation Management program and the NIH Studies program. In collaboration with the friluftsliv research team, she will help produce three journal articles to be submitted to international peer-reviewed journals and present research at 3-4 international conferences.

Luiz Felipe Lima da Silveira, assistant professor in Biology, College of Arts and Sciences

Lima da Silveira, in collaboration with the Italian National Council of Research, will be developing a hybrid course and mentoring program to train 12 early career researchers from across Italy to revise and improve global access to knowledge on firefly diversity. With data collected through this period, he will lead a taxonomic review of firefly species boundaries across the Italian peninsula, in addition to papers delimiting species and potentially describing new species in the region, and the digitization of 600+ extended specimens spanning the 22 known species with an emphasis on the 10 endemic ones, to be uploaded to online open databases such as GBIF and GenBank. This project will also develop e-publications and taxonomic keys, with factsheets for each firefly species of the Italian Peninsula, to be shared on social media, local parks, schools and science events.

Diane Styers, associate professor and head of the Department of Geosciences and Natural Resources, College of Arts and Sciences

Styers will be establishing a long-term research program focused on climate resilience and adaptation planning. Utilizing a human-centered research approach, she will concentrate on community engagement and capacity building activities designed to connect science to climate adaptation and resilience challenges and opportunities in communities through North Carolina, the Gulf of Mexico, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, and Chiba, Japan. Public participatory GIS workshops will be hosted in five locations in Fall 2024 with the resulting outcomes to be a selection of implementation strategies in specific geographic areas that have high community value and few feasibility barriers, improving lives and promoting economic prosperity throughout WNC and beyond.

Ashley Thrasher, associate professor in the School of Health Sciences, College of Health and Human Sciences

Thrasher will be conducting research through qualitative methodologies, specifically grounded theory, to explore best practices for difficult conversations in athletic training and develop several publications and educational modules to be implemented into professional education for athletic trainers. These items will coach athletic training students on navigating difficult conversations and facilitate transition to practice by giving the requisite knowledge for managing conflict and difficult conversations.

Bradley Ulrich, professor in the School of Music, David Orr Belcher College of Fine and Performing Arts

Ulrich will be completing a variety of important international performance projects and interacting with some of the best trumpet teachers in Europe in an aim to bring back the pedagogy, literature, and teaching techniques of Belgium to benefit students at WCU. He will also be posting video performances on his WCU website, performing “Taps” at the new US WWI Memorial, playing at Menin Gate, and recording bugle calls from the Imperial German WWI army, all which will have a significant global impact on a large community of people who have loved ones buried in Commonwealth War Grave Commission cemeteries.

Yiqing Yang, associate professor in the Department of Anthropology and Sociology, College of Arts and Sciences

Yang will be generating four manuscripts based on the analysis of data collected by our student researchers at WCU regarding meaning and purpose in later life. The research project involved the use of mixed-methods survey consisting of a quantitative questionnaire and open-ended questions to collect data from older Americans in local communities. Dr. Yang will spend time taking the findings from this project and turning them into corresponding manuscripts, while conducting cross-national comparative analysis in an aim to publish these manuscripts through a reputable peer-reviewed journal.

College of Arts and Sciences

Board of Governors College of Arts and Sciences Teaching Award – Karen Kandl, associate instructor, Biology

College of Business

Board of Governors Creative and Innovative Teaching Award – Yi-Sung “Ethan” Cheng, associate professor, Department of Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Hospitality and Tourism, and Sport Management

College of Education and Allied Professions

Board of Governors Award for Superior Teaching – Paul Stonehouse, assistant professor, Human Services

College of Engineering and Technology

Board of Governors Distinguished Teaching Award – Basel Alsayyed, assistant professor, School of Engineering and Technology

David Orr Belcher College of Fine and Performing Arts

Board of Governors College of Fine and Performing Arts Teaching Award – Leonides Lagrimes, assistant professor, School of Music

College of Health and Human Sciences

Board of Governors Innovative Teaching Award – Debbie Logan, assistant professor, School of Health Sciences

Hunter Library

Hunter Scholar Award – Elizabeth Gillespie McRae, associate professor, graduate programs director, Department of History, College of Arts and Sciences

Graduate School and Research

Million Dollar Circle Award – Heidi Von Dohlen, associate professor, Department of Human Services, College of Education and Allied Professions

Provost’s Scholarship Development Award

Patricia Bricker, Jay M. Robinson Distinguished Professor in Educational Technologies in the School of Teaching and Learning, College of Education and Allied Professions

Hannah Buala, assistant [professor in the Department of Psychology, College of Education and Allied Professions

Matt Burleson, instructor in the Department of Chemistry and Physics, College of Arts and Sciences

Meghan Gangel, assistant professor in the Department of Psychology, College of Education and Allied Professions

Jacob Heiling, assistant professor in the Department of Geosciences and Natural Resources, College of Arts and Sciences

Brian Kloeppel, professor in the Department of Geosciences and Natural Resources, College of Arts and Sciences

Rangika Hikkaduwa Koralege, assistant professor in the Department of Chemistry and Physics, College of Arts and Sciences

Mark Lord, professor in the Department of Geosciences and Natural Resources, College of Arts and Sciences

Shane Schoepfer, associate professor in the Department of Geosciences and Natural Resources, College of Arts and Sciences

Matt Vaughan, director of stewardship and forestry education in the Department of Geosciences and Natural Resources, College of Arts and Sciences

Cheryl Waters-Tormey, associate professor in the Department of Geosciences and Natural Resources, College of Arts and Sciences

Melinda Weathers, associate professor in the Department of Communication, College of Arts and Sciences

Yang Yang, assistant professor in the Department of Geosciences and Natural Resources, College of Arts and Sciences

Yang Yang, assistant professor in the Department of Biology, College of Arts and Sciences

Retired Faculty and Staff (May 2023 – April 2024)

Anne Aldrich, Office of the Provost

Jean Andrei, Facilities Management

Lisa Bloom (Phased), School of Teaching and Learning

Eleanor Blair (Phased), School of Teaching and Learning

Mike Braun, Residential Living

Margaret Bruder, English Studies

Steven Brown (Phased), Criminology and Criminal Justice

David Burress, Facilities Management

James Busbin, Entrepreneurship, Hospitality, Marketing, Sports Mgt

Martha Carpenter, Heather and Counseling Services

Beverly Collins, Biology

Mark Couture (Phased), World Languages

Beau Drenan, Ramsey Center

Mary Ella Engel, History

Claire Eye, School of Stage and Screen

Thomas Ford, Psychology

Elizabeth Frazier, Office of the Dean, Graduate School and Research

Kevin Gabruk, Facilities Management

Patrick Gardner, Center for Rapid Product Realization

Duane Gibbs, Facilities Management/Purchasing

Eddie Holland, Facilities Management

Donna Jones, Bursar

Jon Marvel, Economics, Management, Project Management

Niall Michelsen (Phased), Political Science and Public Affairs

Kellie Monteith, Student Affairs

Kathy Orr, Office of the Dean, Arts and Sciences

Kathleen Prindiville, Residential Living

Josie Crolley Simic,Social Work

Lois Stiles, Mountain Heritage Center

Meredith Tate, Residential Living

Richard Tichich (Phased), School of Art and Design

James Ullmer, Economics, Management, Project Management

Mary Kay Waters, School of Music

Cynthia Williams, Human Resources and Payroll

Linda Woody, Registrar

Edward Wright, Economics, Management, Project Management

The following is a list of all award nominees:

UNC Board of Governors Award for Excellence in Teaching - Finalists

Erin Callahan

Channa De Silva

Alvin Malesky

Chancellor’s Distinguished Teaching Award Nominees

Erin Adams

Greg Adkison

Sur Ah Hahn

Kia Alimohammadirokni

Katy Allen

Basel Alsayyed Ahmad

Ya Anna Dail

Barbara Ballentine

Julie Barnes

Jennifer Barrett Tatum

Ingrid Bego

Price Berryhill

Daniel Best

Joe Bill Mathews

Ellie Blaire

Nathan Borchelt

Brian Boyer

Jonathan Bradshaw

Susan Braithwaite

Kathleen Brennan

Rachel Bridgers

Sibley Bryan

Lara Bryant

Beth Budden

Chelsea Burrell

Pamela Buskey

Brian Byrd

Jon Campbell

Cyndy Caravelis

John Carr

Catherine Carter

Sam Castelblanco

Ethan Cheng

Grace Cheshire

Dan Clapper

Mae Claxton

Ella Clement

Regina Cline

Heather Coan

Michael Conklin

Emily Cowan

Chris Cox

Paige Dagenhard-Trainer

Brad Daniel

Channa De Silva

Heidi Dent

David Dorondo

Kristy Doss

Christopher Doval

Jane Eastman

Megan Eckardt

Kimberly Elliott

Andrew Emerson

Dustin Evatt

Charles Fagan

Bill Faust

Robert Ferguson

Larry Fisher

Tom Ford

Kevin Fulk

Maria Gainey

Mariano Garrido-Lopez

Andrew Grandage

Alicia Grande

Heidi Grappendorf

Adam Groh

AJ Grube

Dan Grube

Yancey Gulley

Shelby Hicks

Andy Hansen

Beth Harmer

Kristin Harrell

Adam Harris

Ian Hewer

Joy Howard

Cory Howk

Christopher Hoyt

Beth Huber

Jeremy Hymen

Ian Jeffress

Alesia Jennings

Chris Johnson

Julie Johnson-Busbin

Bora Karayaka

John Kennedy

Morgan Kennedy

Kelariz Keshavarz

Brent Kinser

Mary Knowlton

Robert Lahm

Johnny Lail

Marco Lam

Will Lehman

Mike Lenz

Luiz Lima da Silveira

Deborah Logan

Alexander Macaulay

Alvin Malesky

Jenny Mantini

Thomas Martin

Diane Martinez

Michael Martinez

Samuel McGuire

Erin McNelis

Elizabeth McRae

Melissa Mecadon-Mann

Katharine Mershon

Miranda Miller

Heather Mina

Mark Morgan

Hollye Moss

Sean Mulholland

Martha Neaves

Candy Noltensmeyer

Leigh Odom

Joshua Overbay

Steve Owens

Charlie Parrish

Sarah Pedonti

Aaron Plantenberg

Johanna Price

Amy Putnam

Royal Qualls Scales

Scott Rader

Josh Rakower

Aaron Ratcliffe

Christina Reitz

Geraldine Riouff

Lisen Roberts

Emma Robinson

Aimee Rockhill

Courtney Rogers

Terry Rose

Scott Rowe

Brandon Rupinski

Charmion Rush

Ken Sanney

Peter Savage

David Scales

Callie Schultz

Ophir Sefiha

Anjana Sharma

Michael Shick

Ellen Sigler

Tammy Simmons

Maggie Skiscim

David Solomon

Katerina Spasovska

Emily Stafford

Ben Steere

Paul Stonehouse

Allison Thorp

Caitlin Torrence

Jamie Vaske

Heidi Von Dohlen

John Wagaman

Colin Wasmund

Frankie West

Keith West

Callan White-Hinman

Denise Wilfong

Annie Wilson

Brad Witzel

Mesfin Woldeyohannes

Beth Woodard

Megan Woody

Laura Wright

Yang Yang

Star Staff Award Nominees

Nancy Alter

Kerri Arbuthnot

Madison Armstrong

Maggie Ashley

Dawn Behling

Ingrid Biddix

Emily Bingham

Sibley Bryan

Savannah Byerly

Dustin Cabe

Adam Chandler

Tierney Cody

Julie Conway

Chris Dahlquist

Elizabeth Davis

Amber Ellington

Jonathan Farmer

Daniel Fiskeaux

Briana Ford

Chastity Henson

Jeff Hughes

Kelsey Jones

Alison Joseph

Ann Kram

Ricky Lanning

Jamie Lanspery

Jonathan Leonard

Coleman Leopard

Jeffrey Logan

Kevin Mabus

Catherine MacCallum

Britany Marshall

Amy McKenzie

Greg McLamb

Chris Moore

James Moralez

Katie Pierce

DeVanté Thomas-Pittman

Anita Puerto

Chris Ray

Tom Roche

Lee Roderick-Brown

Evelyn Rucker

Sidar Sahin

Wesley Satterwhite

Barbara Starnes

Steve Wargo

Donna Watson

Bright Idea Staff Award Nominees

Christopher Ammons

Christy Ashe

Maggie Ashley

Betsy Aspinwall

Brian Boyer

Amanda Chapman

Keri Clark

Brenda Holcombe

Peter Koch

Coleman Leopard

Kevin Mabus

William Moultrie

Valerie Pelnar

Anita Puerto

Lee Roddick-Brown

Evelyn Rucker

Paul Schnorenberg

Sam Wallace

Judy H. Dowell Outstanding Support Staff Award Nominees

Nancy Alter

Regina Aton

Wes Bintz

Kathy Boland

Tina Fisher

Shelly Fulk

Adam Guffey

Lindsay Harvey

Melody Huddleston

Katie Williams Lanning

Kevin Mabus

Julie Mathis

Amber McKendrick

Kathy Orr

Chelsea Pressley

Chris Ray

Donna Reynolds

Chase Spencer

Kevin Stephens

Holli Stillman

Pam Taylor

Carolyn Wiggins

Paul A. Reid Distinguished Service Award Nominees


Kathleen Brennan

Dale Carpenter

Catherine Carter

Karena Cooper-Duffy

Amy Fagan

Santiago Garcia-Castanon

Kelly Kelley

Mary Anna LaFratta

Emily Virtue

Jess Weiler


Matt Brown

Sibley Bryan

Travis Bulluck

Alex Fields

Nancy Ford

Kloo Hansen

Trina Orr

Tabatha Springer

Ericka Zimmerman

University scholar award finalists

Jonathan Campbell

Channa De Silva

Nicholas Passalacqua

Excellence in teaching liberal studies nominees

Daniel Best

Kathleen Brennan

Emily Brier

Lyn Burkett

Robert Donnellan

Scott Eldredge

Brian Gastle

Rebecca George

Jake Grear

Chad Hallyburton

Travis Rountree

Vincent Russell

David Scales

Jeffrey Vickery

Lorrie Willey

Yiqing Yang

Stacey Zimmerman

Innovative scholarship award nominees

Katy Allen and Cyndy Caravelis

Jon Campbell and Project Interact Team

Channa De Silva

Brian Gastle and Catherine Carter

Robert Lahm &andFrank Lockwood

Gauhar Sabih

Yiqing Yang, Yue Hillon and Shelby Hicks - Design 4 Health

Excellence in community engagement award nominees

Katy Allen

Brian Boyer

Lisa Briggs

Brian Byrd

Erin Callahan

Cyndy Caravelis

Chris Cooper

Chris Cox

Todd Creasy

Jack Eaddy Jr.

Rebecca George

Marie-Line Germain

Kristen Harrell

Shelby Hicks

Jennifer Hinton

Denise Drury Homewood

Sara Snyder Hopkins

Kae Livsey

Steve Owens

Lane Perry

Travis Rountree

Elizabeth Sexton

Katerina Spasovska

Elizabeth Wark

Frankie West

Carson Williams

Student nominated faculty of the year nominees

Brian Byrd

Catherine Carter

Chris Cox

Bill Faust

Brian Kloeppel

Kristina Lind

Nancy Luke

David Scales

Bryan Schaffer

Program of Excellence – Academic Nominees

Academic Advising

Academic Success Program

B.S. Computer Science

Bardo Arts Center

Brinson Honors College


Construction Management

Department of Physical Therapy

Distance learning

Emergency Medical Care

English Studies

Environmental Health Sciences

Geosciences and Natural Resources

HESA Masters Program

Kimmel School of Construction Management



Nurse Anesthesia

Parks and Recreation Management

Political Science and Public Affairs

Doctor of Psychology

School of Health Sciences

School of Health Sciences Student Services Center

Stage and Screen

Accounting, Finance, Information System, and Business Law (AFIB)

University Participant (UP) Program

Writing, Rhetoric, & Critical Studies Program, Department of English Studies

Program of Excellence – Administrative Irene Welch Award Nominees

Advising Center

Campus Recreation & Wellness


Coulter Faculty Commons

Greek Student Engagement & Development

Human Resources & Payroll

Intercultural Affairs

Math & Computer Science Tutoring


Military Student Services

New Student Orientation

Office of Accessibility Resources

Office of Distance & Online Learning

Office of Special Events

Office of Student Retention

University Communications & Marketing

University Scholarships

Writing & Learning Commons

Office of Web Services