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School of Music and biology department collaborate for lecture recital


Zsolt Szabo

By Brooklyn Brown

Western Carolina University’s School of Music and Department of Biology are teaming up for a lecture recital Tuesday, Sept. 5, at 7:30 p.m. in the Recital Hall of Coulter.

The event will feature the science of bird communication as it relates to music as well as a variety of bird inspired musical compositions for flute, trombone, and piano.

Zsolt Szabo, associate professor of trombone/euphonium, Andrew Adams, professor of piano and director of the School of Music, and Kelariz Keshavarz, assistant professor of flute, are collaborating with associate professor Barbara Ballentine and Jeremy Hyman, professor in the Department of Biology, to present a lecture recital on the connection between birds and music.


Jeremy Hyman

“I believe collaborations across areas is a wonderful opportunity for learning, discovery and finding new ways to present our own craft to the students, faculty and general public,” Szabo said. “This event also serves as a model to our students about working together and collaborating to create new and interesting events.”

Hyman appreciates the academic contribution of this interdisciplinary collaboration.

“I think collaborative events also help us to think more deeply about the topics we are interested in. I listen to music, but I don't really know too much about it. I've read papers by other bird song researchers who clearly know a lot about music, and this background allows them to ask questions about bird song, or understand sound analysis in ways that are beyond my comprehension,” Hyman said.

“It makes me realize that there are many cases where if I knew more about something outside of my area in science, I might be a better scientist, and I think that phenomenon holds true for just about any field of study.”

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