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New, improved faculty/staff newsletter to be unveiled soon

They say all good things must come to an end. But that doesn’t mean something bigger and better can’t come in its place.

Dating back to its days when it was distributed across campus in print form, to its current form as a campuswide email, The Reporter has served as Western Carolina University’s faculty/staff newsletter. But like everything else, things change. And so has the way people consume information, as well as what they choose to consume.

There is news and information that everyone needs to receive in order to stay informed with what’s going on across campus. But there are other topics that may interest only a select audience.

Thanks to a new platform called CERKL, outside of the mandatory news that everyone will receive, faculty and staff members will be able to choose the type of content they would like to receive in their weekly email. Each email will be tailored to your individual interests. In addition, you can choose the day and time you would like to receive the email each week.

In other words, you will only receive stories and features that interest you, and you will receive them when it’s convenient for you. This new version of the faculty/staff email is tentatively slated to begin in January. In the coming weeks, you will receive more information on how to personalize your weekly email.

In the meantime, since this new version of the email was designed with the reader in mind, we thought it would only be fitting that the readers have a say in naming it. So, we’re asking you to choose your favorite from the following five selections:

  • Catamount Communications
  • WCU Connects
  • WCU Today
  • Inside WCU
  • Views from Catamount Country

Voting will take place until Thursday, Sept. 26, at the following link:


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