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The Office of Assessment collaborates with administrators, faculty, and staff across the institution to support assessment of learning as well as operational assessment. We strive to establish a culture of best practices for all assessment activities that occur at the program and institution levels. Resources related to Assessment and Program / Unit Review are available on our SharePoint site for all WCU faculty and staff. A WCU login and password is required to access these resources.

Assessment Resources

Our Assessment Resources site outline our philosophy and expectations for assessment at WCU. Here our faculty and staff can access annual continuous improvement reporting guidelines, templates, and assessment documents from previous years. We have information about our assessment cycles, SACSCOC accreditation information and timeline, assessment glossary, resources for student support services, and guides for curriculum mapping, student learning outcomes, operational outcomes, and rubrics. We also provide information on national organizations and councils, conferences, journals related to assessment, as well as links to relevant articles. This is where we organize information for our institutional advisory committees that contribute to assessment and program / unit review.

Program / Unit Review Resources

Our Program / Unit Review Resources site provides our faculty and staff with information pertaining to Administrative Unit Review (administrative and student services offices in Academic Affairs) and Academic Program Review (non-accredited degree programs). The contents of this site include timelines, guidelines and procedures for program review, previous review documents by year, sample schedules, and report templates.


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