Anthropology and Sociology Department

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Western Carolina University's Department of Anthropology and Sociology introduces you to entire new worlds, diverse means of researching and understanding humankind, and unlimited career possibilities.

Sociology and anthropology graduates are prepared for a wide variety of careers. Our students work in criminal justice, education, human resources, international relations, museum studies, public archaeology, public policy, social services, and communication, among many other fields. 

Thanks to smaller class sizes, hands-on learning, and the chance to participate in faculty research, you’ll receive lots of “face time” with your professors, quality educators who are well-known in their disciplines.

The University's Department of Anthropology and Sociology offers either a B.A. or a B.S. degree in both Anthropology and Sociology; a B.S. in Forensic Anthropology; and a Minor and Graduate Programs in Cherokee Studies. There are also options for a Minor in Anthropology or Forensic Anthropology.

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Faculty & Staff 

Committed to the success of their students, our faculty members are quality educators and leaders in their disciplines. They are widely respected for their research and commitment to their fields. Between them, they bring a wealth of academic experience and real-world knowledge to our students to help them prepare for careers in today’s global society.

Kathleen M. Brennan - Department Head 828-227-3835 McKee 101B
Christine Bailey 828-227-2816 McKee G3A
Chris Boan-Lenzo N/A McKee 107A
Philip (Ted) Coyle  828-227-3900 McKee 106B
Jane Eastman 828-227-3841 McKee G3C
Anthony Hickey 828-227-3832 McKee 107B
Munene Mwaniki 828-227-3879 McKee 102A
Peter Nieckarz 828-227-3837 McKee 102B
Nicholas V. Passalacqua  828-227-2306  McKee G8B 
Brett Riggs 828-227-2443 McKee 105B
Mary Elizabeth Schmid N/A McKee 104
Sara Snyder 828-227-2303 McKee 105C
Benjamin A. Steere 828-227-2444 McKee G3B
Colin Townsend 828-227-2900 BH 104HC
Veteto 828-227-3777 McKee 106A
John Williams 828-227-2430 McKee G8A
Yiqing Yang 828-227-3839 McKee 108B
Katie Zejdlik 828-227-2817 McKee 102c
Danielle Haney - Administrative Support Associate 828-227-3833 McKee 101

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