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Current Students

Advisor with a student at a desk


Advisors can assist you with matters beyond course selection and registration.

They help guide your social and academic experiences in ways that will give you the skills to succeed beyond college.

Check in with your advisor often during the semester and share your extra-curricular experiences as well as your academic ones.


Advising Center Walk-In Visits

Walk-In visits are for students who have very specific quick to answer questions.

Common Reasons for Walk-Ins are:

  • changing minor or concentration
  • course withdrawal
  • general academic questions
  • transfer issues
  • university withdrawal

Advising Center Appointments

Schedule appointment through Navigate for topics requiring more than 5-10 minutes.

Reasons for Appointments include:

  • academic standing
  • major changes ( see below )
  • registration advising for undeclared students

Finish in Four

The Finish in Four initiative is Western Carolina University's pledge to provide students with the resources and guidance necessary to successfully complete their undergraduate degree in four years. In Finish in Four, students will work with campus professionals to create a clear roadmap for success.

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Understanding WCU's Dual Advising Model & Registration

Prior to attending WCU, you were assigned an initial advisor based on the information you provided in our online pre-registration web application. This "professional" advisor:

  • was assigned based on your major selection and/or special program affiliation
  • built your first class schedule
  • met with you at Orientation to explain advising and registration processes
  • gave you the Alt PIN that you needed to add or drop classes

Soon after your first term began, if you already declared a major (with exception of some education majors), you were assigned an additional advisor who teaches in your major department. This "faculty" advisor:

  • became your PRIMARY advisor, and therefore the advisor who:
    • meets with you each semester to plan your class schedule for the next term, and
    • gives you the Alt PIN you need to register for classes

If you did not declare a major and have Undeclared/Undecided status, your professional advisor serves as your PRIMARY advisor.

You can change your major by meeting with the advisor who is liaison to the major you want to declare.

    • Search major/advisor assignments on the Advising Center Staff page.
    • Make a "Change Major/Minor" appointment with the appropriate advisor through Navigate.

If you change or declare your major, both your faculty advisor and your professional advisor are likely to change.

  • Professional advisors serve in a liaison role to specific major programs.
    • The appropriate professional advisor will be assigned to you based on your new major.
  • Your new major department will assign you a new faculty advisor.
    • This person becomes your new PRIMARY advisor.

Change your major well before Advising Day to avoid the possibility that you won't be able to get your Alt PIN until after your Registration Date.

  • It can take up to a week or more to process a change of major and have a new faculty advisor assigned to you.
  • REMEMBER - Only your PRIMARY advisor is authorized to give you an Alt PIN.
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