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Advising Center Staff

Locate Your Correct Advisor Resource

Advising Center staff provide advising for most undergraduate Cullowhee-based majors. 
Contact the Advising Center at 828-227-7753 or

SUITE 201:
Suite 201 staff provide advising for all Birth-to-Kindergarten, Elementary, Middle Grades, Inclusive, & Health and Physical Education majors.

Staff in this department provide advising for majors offered entirely online or at a location other than Cullowhee.


Director: Travis Bulluck
Associate Director: Alicia Cameron
Advisors: Stephanie Lane, Cale Colbert, Julie Conway, Zachary Williams, Porscha Elton, Richard Gamble, Derek Kent, Ken Pfaff, Steve Zwilling
Administrative Support Specialist: Melissa Day

Person Majors Advised Bio Information

Travis Bulluck


Director of Advising


Communications, B.S.

Hometown: Rocky Mount, NC

Joined WCU: 2015

Undergraduate Institution:
UNC-Chapel Hill
B.A. Sociology, Minor in Exercise Sport Science

Graduate Institution:
East Carolina University
M.S. in Counselor and Adult Education

Hobbies: Spending time with my family, traveling, cycling, and enjoying the outdoors!

Alicia Cameron


Associate Director of Academic Advising



Electrical and Computer Engineering Technology, B.S.

Electrical Engineering, B.S.E.E.

Engineering Technology (Applied Systems Technology Concentration), B.S. 

Engineering (Mechanical, Manufacturing and Electrical Power Concentrations), B.S.E.

Hometown: Black Mountain, NC

Joined WCU: 2003 as a freshman!

Undergraduate Institution:
Western Carolina University
B.A. Spanish, Minor in English

Graduate Institution:
Western Carolina University
M.Ed. College Student Personnel

Hobbies: Singing and playing guitar!



Academic Advisor


Anthropology, B.A., B.S.
(Forensic Anthropology Concentration), B.S.

History, B.A., B.S.

International Studies, B.A.

Philosophy (Concentration in Philosophy), B.A.

Philosophy (Concentration in Religion), B.A.

Political Science, B.A.

Political Science, B.S.

Psychology, B.S.

Social Sciences, B.S.ED. (Secondary Education)

Sociology, B.A.

Sociology, B.S.


Stephanie Lane

stephanie lane

Academic Advisor for Student Athletes


All Majors
(for Student-Athletes)


 Hometown: Mt. Sterling, KY

Joined WCU: May 2018

Undergraduate Institution: Wofford College, Bachelor of Arts Accounting and Bachelor of Arts Spanish

Graduate Institution: East Tennessee State University, Master of Arts Kinesiology & Sport Studies

Hobbies: Attending sporting events, attending concerts, reading, swimming, traveling, learning different languages, singing, and being with my family!


Cale Colbert

Cale Colbert

Academic Advisor



Accounting, B.S.B.A.

Business Administration & Law, B.S.B.A

Computer Information Systems, B.S.B.A.

Entrepreneurship, B.S., B.S.B.A.

Finance, B.S.B.A.

Hospitality & Tourism, B.S.

Management, B.S.B.A.

Marketing, B.S.B.A.

Sports Management, B.S.B.A.


Hometown: Winona, MS

Joined WCU: 2015

Undergraduate Institution:
Belhaven University
B.A. History

Graduate Institution:
University of Tennessee – Chattanooga
M.Ed Secondary Education

Hobbies: Listening to live music, hiking, paddling, & climbing.

Julie Conway


Academic Advisor


Nursing, B.S.N.


Hometown: Glendo, WY

Joined WCU: 2010-2013 as a Graduate Student & employee. Came back in 2016.

Undergraduate Institution:
Mercer University
B.A. Communication

Graduate Institution:
Western Carolina University
M.Ed. College Student Personnel

Hobbies:Reading, traveling, creative writing!

Zachary Williams


Academic Advisor 
Pre-Professional Advisor


Athletic Training, B.S.

Communication Sciences and Disorders, B.S.

Emergency Medical Care, B.S.

Environmental Health, B.S.

Nutrition and Dietetics, B.S.

Recreational Therapy, B.S.

Pre-Professional Programs 
- all Pre-Health programs
- Pre-Law

Hometown: Atlanta, GA

Joined WCU: 2014

Undergraduate Institution: University of West Georgia, B.S. General Biology

Graduate Institution: University of West Georgia, M.Ed. Professional Counseling, College Student Affairs concentration

Hobbies: Photography, Hiking, Reading, and Silversmithing


Porscha Elton

Academic Advisor


Criminal Justice, B.S.

English, B.A.

English, B.S.Ed. (Secondary Education)

Spanish, B.A.

Spanish, B.S.Ed. (Secondary Education)

Construction Management, B.S.

Hometown: Ellenboro, NC

Joined WCU: 2017

Undergraduate Institution:
Wake Forest University
B.A. English, Secondary Education

Graduate Institution:
Appalachian State University
M.A. Higher Education, Community College and University Leadership

Hobbies: Running, hiking, kayaking, cycling, swimming- essentially anything outdoors- writing, reading, traveling, and spending time with family and friends!

Richard Gamble


Academic Advisor

Finish Line Coordinator


Computer Science, B.S.

Environmental Science (Interdisciplinary), B.S.

Geology, B.S.

Mathematics, B.S.

Mathematics Education, B.S.ED.(Secondary Education)

Natural Resource Conservation and Management, B.S.

Parks and Recreation Management, B.S.

Science Education, B.S.Ed
(Secondary Education)
Concentrations in:
- Earth Sciences

Social Work, B.S.W.


Hometown: Gastonia, NC

Joined WCU: February 2016 (but, I also did my undergraduate and graduate work here)

Undergraduate Institution:
Western Carolina University
B.S. Biology

Graduate Institution:
Western Carolina University
M.Ed. College Student Personnel

Hobbies: Movies and Collecting Just About Anything!

Derek Kent

 Derek Kent

Academic Advisor for Student Athletes


All Majors
(for Student Athletes)

Hometown: Clinton, UT

Joined WCU: 2017

Undergraduate Institution:
Utah State University – B.S. Economics and B.S. Marketing

Graduate Institution:
Ball State University – M.A. Student Affairs Administration in Higher Education

Sports, fitness, trail running, cooking, traveling, attending concerts, and reading.

Ken Pfaff


Academic Advisor


Biology, B.S.
Concentrations in:
- General Biology
- Molecular Biology
- Pre-Health Professional
- Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Chemistry, B.S.

(ACS Approved with 4+1 Option), B.S.

Forensic Science (Interdisciplinary), B.S.

Science Education, B.S.Ed
(Secondary Education)
Concentrations in:
- Biology
- Chemistry
- Physics

Hometown: Naperville, Ill

Joined WCU: May 2015

Undergraduate Institution:
Western Illinois University
B.A. Journalism, Minor in Marketing

Graduate Institution:
Argosy University, Chicago
M.A.Ed. Higher Education

Hobbies: Kayaking, hiking, watching/playing sports, playing with my two dogs!

Steve Zwilling


Academic Advisor



Art, B.A.

Art, B.F.A.
- Art Education Emphasis
- Graphic Design Emphasis
- Studio Emphasis

Art Education, B.S.ED.
(K-12 Education)

Film and Television Production, B.F.A.

Interior Design, B.S.

Music, B.A.

Music, B.M.

Music Education, B.S.ED.
(K-12 Education)

Stage & Screen, B.A.

Theatre, B.F.A.

 Hometown: Allen Park, MI

Joined WCU: August 2017

Undergraduate Institution:

Eastern Michigan University - B.A. English

Graduate Institution:

Eastern Michigan University - M.A. Higher Education Student Affairs

Hobbies: Reading, writing, piano, guitar, hiking, running, teaching, traveling, and playing practical jokes on my wife.

Melissa Day

Administrative Support Specialist


Hometown: Salisbury, NC

Joined WCU: January 2011 - May 2014 as a student. I returned October 2018 as an employee.

Undergraduate Institution: Western Carolina University

Graduate Institution: Gordon - Conwell Theological Seminary

Hobbies: Playing drums and guitar, kayaking, writing, and spending time with family and friends.


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