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Greek Student Engagement & Development



On behalf of Western Carolina University's Department of Greek Student Engagement and Development, Welcome to Catamount Country! 

Greek Life plays an important role on the Western Carolina campus as well as throughout North Carolina and beyond. Scholarship, Community Service, Philanthropic Work, Life-Long Friendships, Leadership Development, Alumni Networking, and Brotherhood/Sisterhood are the common fraternal principles of our chapters.

Being an active member of a collegiate fraternal organization will provide opportunities for students to participate in activities that enhance personal development, promote academic success, and advance leadership skills.  We welcome and encourage our students to take a look at the fraternities and sororities available at WCU.

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June 2023

June 1 Orientation

June 5 Orientation

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August 2023

August 19 Valley Ballyhoo

August 21 All Classes Begin

August 26 Leadership Retreat

September 2023

 August 31  - September CPC - Recruitment

August 31 - September 6 IFC - Recruitment

September 9 Home Football Game

Frequently Asked Questions

A Collegiate Fraternal "Greek" organization is a group of individuals bonded together by common goals and values. It is referred to as a Greek organization because the name consists of Greek letters; however, there are organizations whose names are not solely made up of Greek letters.

These bonds are created through historical rituals. Rituals are a shared experience between members of the fraternal organization. The more common language used when referring to Greek-letter organizations are fraternities (for men) and sororities (for women). These organizations have values and purpose that they work to instill in their members through their everyday activities.

College fraternities and sororities were established to promote democratic self-government, academic excellence, service to others, life-time friendships, and a home away from home throughout the undergraduate experience.

The Department of Greek Student Engagement & Development oversees the twenty-one fraternities and sororities at Western Carolina University. The Greek Engagement staff provides advisement, programming, and support to all of our fraternal organizations. The Department is located in the AK Hinds University Center 334.

The fraternity and sorority experience is what you make it. Every chapter has different requirements; however, each chapter generally has at least one meeting a week. It is the expectation of many of our organizations that their members are active during their undergraduate experience and after graduation. There are also many additional opportunities to become involved within a chapter and with the Department of Greek Student Engagement & Development.

It is unlawful for any student in attendance at any university, college, or school in the state of North Carolina to engage in hazing, or to aid or abet any other student in the commission of this offense. Hazing is defined as follows: "to subject another student to physical injury as part of an initiation, or as a prerequisite to membership, into any organized school group, including any society, athletic team, fraternity or sorority, or other similar group." Any violation of this shall constitute a Class 2 misdemeanor.

The financial obligations depend on the chapter fees and dues. For more information, please contact a chapter representative.

The Departmentof Greek Student Engagement & Development team believes the following expectations are best practices for being a successful and responsible collegiate fraternal member and student. These expectations were created to set a standard of high achievement for Greek letter organizations at WCU. These expectations are not in place to penalize students but to challenge them to achieve at the highest level.

  • Understand your behavior has an effect and impact on the entire community - not just yourself, your chapter, or your national organization. The entire fraternity & sororoity community could be affected.
  • Individuals & chapters need to take responsibility for their own actions.
  • Maintain a 2.5 cumulative GPA.
  • Conduct yourself appropriately and professionally.
  • Demonstrate self-respect and respect for others.
  • Engage with the greater WCU community.
  • Demonstrate responsibility and transparency in relation to finances, new member recruitment and education, conduct, and social events.
  • Say something if you see something or know something that may negatively impact the health or safety of yourself or others or to prevent crimes from occurring. Report all matters to the necessary campus resources (e.g. sexual violence or misconduct, hazing, substance abuse, mental health concerns, etc.).
  • Conduct yourself as if you are always wearing your letters.

Through our values-based programming and staff support, the members of fraternities and sororities at WCU will gain an understanding of the impact of individual and organizational actions, life-long connections within organizations and the larger community, an understanding and appreciation of identities different from their own, the ability to advocate for self and others, a commitment to academic excellence, an understanding of self, and a sense of belonging.

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