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Moving Expense

Preapproval request to pay moving expenses (Excel)
Reimbursement of moving expenses check request (Excel)

Occasionally it may be necessary to offer reimbursement of personal moving expenses to new professional staff when issuing an offer of employment. This policy authorizes the use of University state, trust funds, auxiliary, endowment, and/or Foundation funds for the reimbursement of personal moving expenses for new professional staff in instances where reimbursement is appropriate and prior approval is obtained from the Chancellor or her designee.  In the alternative, funding sources noted above, except state funds, can be used to pay a moving allowance if he department head deems an allowance to be a more appropriate to be a more appropriate method.  All instances require that departments have sufficient funding within their respective budgets to pay the reimbursement or allowance.  See the moving policy below for specific details.  

Moving Policy and Payment Procedures


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