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Travel On or Before February 11, 2018

Travel Manual  

If completing a travel pre-approval form then you must also complete the Clery travel worksheet.
Travel guidelines apply to all employees, students and non employees conducting University business.

Return to Controller's Office at 300 HFR Administration Building

This form can be used for continuous travel for the same project. The reimbursements for travel should comply with the university travel policies. This form must be resigned at least every year if not before.

Please direct questions to the Travel Auditor, Kay Benson, in the Controller's Office at 227-3104

Training Session presented October 26, 2011


  • Complete a Travel Preapproval Form making sure that all anticipated expenses are listed before traveling.
  • The Travel Preapproval Form should be approved by the budget authority and traveler's supervisor before traveling.
  • Any lodging over the 200% MUST have the vice-chancellor’s or chancellor’s signature.
  • Prepayments may include registration fees and air travel. Prepayment for registration should be processed on a check request and prepayments for air travel should be processed on a travel form, both forms should be forwarded to Leann Wheatley, Travel Auditor.
  • Make travel arrangements early to secure the best rates for lodging and transportation.
  • Plan ahead and allow at least ten business days to apply for a travel advance. Only permanent university employees can receive travel advances. The Travel Auditor must have an original and 2 copies of the Travel Advance documentation.
  • Travel Advances will not be issued earlier than five (5) business days before departure.
  • Review transportation policies affecting use of personal car, rental car and taxis.
  • Because the University no longer offers state-owned motor pool vehicles, an employee may choose whether to use the University’s term contract for rental vehicles (Enterprise) through the University reservation system or to use a personal vehicle.  The state budget office has stated in the new policy “OSMB will not consider exceptions to this policy.”  Therefore, the University does not have the ability to vary from the state policy.


    Business trips of 100 miles or less utilizing a personal vehicle are reimbursed at the rate of 54.5 cents per mile when the total trip does not exceed 100 miles.
  • For business travel trips that utilize personal vehicles and exceed 100 miles per trip, the employee shall be reimbursed at a rate of 33 cents per mile.


    Employee A has a University meeting with a granting agency in West Asheville.  She leaves Cullowhee at 7:45 a.m. and returns to Cullowhee at 5:30 p.m.  Employee A drives a total of 91 miles roundtrip.  Her reimbursement would be 91 miles multiplied by 54.5 cents, to equal $49.60.


    Employee B has a meeting at the UNC System Office in Chapel Hill.  He leaves Cullowhee on February 12.  He travels 275 miles to Chapel Hill on February 12.  On February 13, he leaves Chapel Hill to return to Cullowhee.  Total trip miles equal 550 miles.  His reimbursement would be 550 miles multiplied by 33 cents, to equal $181.50. 
  • Employee C - same example as Employee A, but employee C's meeting is in Hickory.  Employee C traveled 250 miles roundtrip.  Employee C will be reimbursed for 250 miles multiplied by 33 cents, to equal $82.50.
  • State rules override federal rules in connection with any reimbursement for federal grant funds.
  • Learn the basic policies which apply to state guidelines for travel so you can avoid personal costs. Reimbursement for luxury rooms, personal services, and other expenses will not be reimbursed.
  • NO CREDIT CARD STATEMENT CAN BE USED AS PROOF OF PAYMENT ALONE. Obtain receipts for any expense you wish to be reimbursed for except meal per diem. Meal (which includes tip) is reimbursed as per diem only. No need keep receipts. Lunch is never reimbursed unless there is overnight travel.
  • Lodging – Hotel receipt with dates of stay. Itemized receipt with a zero balance.
  • Airline/train - tickets and itineraries (receipt) at coach rate Car Rental – Rental agreement contract showing total cost of rental with a zero balance.
    Optional insurance is not reimbursable.
  • Bus – must have ticket (receipt)
  • Gas - Fuel receipt that shows the $ per gallon (for rental car or if gas card in state car does not work)
  • If traveling by personal car, record your total mileage for ROUND TRIP (example: 60 miles to airport and 60 miles back equals 120 miles at $.30 not 2 single trips at .555)
  • Obtain original receipts for parking, tolls, and taxis
  • Baggage Charges - Must have receipt showing $ amount was for baggage expense
  • We can only reimburse the person who actually paid the bill
  • Room service tips, valet tips and other hotel services
  • Prepare the Travel Reimbursement and submit to Travel within 30 calendar days from the return date.
  • If the travel expenses are less than the Travel Advance received, write a check payable to Western Carolina University or bring cash to the Travel Auditor, for the difference within 30 days of the travel.
  • Be sure to attach all original receipts to the reimbursement check request. If receipts are smaller than a half page please tape the receipts to an 8 1/2 by 11 page.
    If foreign currency receipts are attached please label what it is for, date it was incurred and, submit the foreign currency converter sheet which can be found at
  • After getting all the signatures needed on the Travel Reimbursement Form, forward the travel reimbursement and receipts to the Leann Wheatley, Travel Auditor.
  • After processing, traveler will receive a reimbursement check for allowable expenses.
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