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Weather-Related Announcement


Due to forecasted hazardous road conditions, day and evening classes in Cullowhee are suspended after 2 p.m., Biltmore Park instructional site after 1 p.m.
See the full weather update



Name Phone     Email Title
Jonathan Agaton 227-3095 Student Accounts Accountant
Lynn Ammons 227-2427 Temporary Wages
Nancy Brendell 227-3102 Bursar
Janet Cabe 227-2736 Acct Receivables Accountant
Morgan Childers 227-3093 Administrative Support - Returns/Refunds
Dale Cox 227-2583 Fixed Assets Accountant/Check Stop Payment
Ashley Guffey 227-2822 Administrative Support/Fund Creates
Rosa Gunnels 227-3109 Electric Resale Support Specialist
Shyla Hill 227-7286 Temporary Wages
Angie Johnson 227-3111 Electric Resale Manager
Donna Jones 227-3105 Student Services Manager One Stop
Ben Marr 227-2585 CI and Payroll Accountant
Steve Marr 227-3106 General Accounting
Judy Maurer 227-3098 Administrative Support- 3rd Party Billing/Return Checks
Greg Plemmons 227-3108 Controller 
Brady Proffitt 227-2753 Accountant
Reggie Rogers 227-3094 Business Officer
Courtney Shook 227-7286 Temporary Wages
Tabatha Springer 227-3114 Foundation Accountant / Investments
Heather Warriner 227-7286 Temporary Wages
Leann Wheatley 227-3104 Cashier/Travel Auditor
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