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Virtual Orientation FAQ

Western Carolina University is suspending May and June face-to-face orientation sessions. New Student Orientation will take place digitally this summer.

Explore our frequently asked questions below. Feel free to contact us at

How do I register for online orientation?

You can register for online orientation immediately through your MyWCU account by completing Pre-Registration.

At the end of your Pre-Registration survey, you will be given only one option to register for orientation: a session on June 1st.

The registration system requires a date for it to function; however, August 1st is just a placeholder date; this approach is the only way to register for online orientation. Online orientation for incoming summer students opens on Monday, May 25th and will open on Monday, June 1st for incoming fall students. All students must complete the modules prior to Thursday, July 2nd.

If I already registered for an in-person orientation session, do I need to re-register for online orientation?

 No, you do not need to do anything if you have already registered. We will manually assign those that went ahead and registered to the new online session.

i've registered for orientation but haven't paid. Do i need to do anything else?

A $45 payment will need to be made via your myWCU account or the Banner Special Payment Portal.

How much will online orientation cost?

Online orientation will cost $45 per student. This price was determined based on costs associated with student-staffing, office overhead, and miscellaneous expenses associated with moving our program online.

If you have already paid for an in-person orientation session, any submitted payment above the charge of the new online process will be refunded

When will online orientation start?

Online orientation for incoming summer students opens on Monday, May 25th. Online orientation for incoming fall students will open on Monday, June 1st.

When must I have complete online orientation?

All students must complete the Blackboard modules by Thursday, July 2nd, to ensure that University processes such as room assignments and billing occur as regularly scheduled.

Is online orientation required?

Yes, all incoming first-year and transfer undergraduate students are required to complete online orientation before enrolling at WCU.

Is there an online orientation option for parents and guests of incoming students?

While orientation is required for incoming students, sessions have always been optional for family members and guests.

With this in mind, the New Student Orientation office is creating the online orientation session for students only. We will supplement this required process for students with livestream sessions and materials that will be made available to all students and their guests who would have had the option to attend orientation in-person. All parents and guests who paid to attend in-person orientation will have their full parent/guest payment for the amount refunded.

How do I get my schedule?

You will still get your schedule during your online orientation just like you would during an in-person orientation session. Your Academic Advisor will build your preliminary schedule using answers from your Pre-Registration survey.

How do I access online orientation?

The mandatory portions of online orientation will take place in Blackboard, our campus learning management software. The course will appear on the student’s Blackboard account once online orientation opens and the registration fee has been paid.

Will there be in-person sessions in July and August?

No, at this time WCU and New Student Orientation have suspended all in-person sessions for Summer 2020.

Are any deadlines changed because of orientation moving online?

The deposit deadline of May 1st (for first-year students) and the orientation payment deadline of May 31st remain in effect. Exceptions to deadlines will be considered on a case-by-case basis depending upon space availability.

How will students access it support to configure their laptops?

We are working with WCU's IT department to provide all services and information that a student would receive during an in-person orientation in an online setting, including getting laptops configured for WCU.

More information on WCU computer specifications

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