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Graduate Faculty & Staff

Browse this page for links of use to you, WCU faculty and staff. The Graduate School staff is available to assist both you and your students with academic and administrative issues. If you need assistance, please feel free to contact us.



ApplyYourself is WCU's Graduate School Online Application System. Below you will find support information for faculty and staff.

Thank you for visiting the Western Carolina University Graduate School ApplyYourself, Connect and AppReview support website. Please take a few minutes to review the features.. Topics such as training, access, reports, and frequently asked questions will be available to you.

ApplyYourself is the online application for admission system for WCU Graduate School staff and faculty. Your feedback is extremely important to ensure the system is configured to meet all of your application needs.

Please contact Graduate School Technical Support for assistance with the ApplyYourself system.


Assistance with understanding how to utilize the ApplyYourself features.

As an ApplyYourself user, you are entitled to participate in the self-paced online training they provide within the web center. ApplyYourself training is specific to the generic application; therefore, the look and feel of ApplyYourself may look different in the training presentations than how our ApplyYourself application actually looks.

The Graduate School encourages you to review the training links provided on this web page. They have been designed specific to the WCU Graduate School ApplyYourself configuration.

ApplyYourself searches and reports are completed within 3 easy steps.

  1. Search for your applicants using queries
  2. Export your applicant data to an Excel Spreadsheet
  3. Filter and/or sort your data according to terms, programs, concentrations, etc.

If you have any questions about ApplyYourself, or would like the Graduate School to assist your program with ApplyYourself training, please contact the Graduate School to request ApplyYourself training.

Welcome to Connect

Welcome to AppReview

Welcome to ApplyYourself

ApplyYourself Webcenter

Search for Applicants


Export Reports

Information about obtaining access to ApplyYourself

All Graduate School staff and faculty members are eligible to request access to the ApplyYourself system. Once you obtain access to ApplyYourself, applicant search results are configured to only provide records for the program(s) you are associated with.

After your access has been approved, you will receive an email from the Graduate School Administrator informing you of your User ID and password.

Please take the time to review the training presentations within the ApplyYourself website. You are also encouraged to request a short 30 minute meeting with the ApplyYourself Administrator on export templates and how they can be utilized to assist with admission requirements.

ApplyYourself, Connect and AppReview Request Form

Recruitment for your Graduate School programs

ApplyYourself provides WCU Graduate School with a recruitment tool within the Prospect module. Applicant prospects can express interest in the Graduate School programs by being directed to the ApplyYourselfProspect web page.

Although the ApplyYourself Prospect page is located on various Graduate School web pages, all programs are encouraged to add the Prospect web page link to their program web pages.

Currently the ApplyYourself Prospect module has collected hundreds of applicant prospects. You can access your program's prospects by pulling reports from ApplyYourself. For additional information about prospect reporting, contact the ApplyYourself Administrator.

Prospect Web Page

Prospect Marketing Tips

Reports generated from ApplyYourself and Banner

ApplyYourself can provide a tremendous amount of data relating to the applicant and the admissions process. ApplyYourself users can gather data automatically by utilizing export templates. Report output is converted to a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, which can be referenced to assist in the admissions process.

It is easy to remember that if the information about the applicant resides in ApplyYourself, an automated report can be established specific to your program requirement needs.

Although data from the ApplyYourself system is exported into the University Banner system, Banner does not export data into the ApplyYourself system in the same fashion. When data is needed about the student that is not in the ApplyYourself system, a Banner report can be utilized.

Please reference the WCU Banner Report Portal for existing reports before requesting a new report.

On-site assistance with ApplyYourself

ApplyYourself offers support for all of your application issues, questions, and concerns. The Graduate School offers on-site support 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Monday - Friday (excluding weekends and holidays). Off-site support is offered 24 hours a day - 7 days a week from the ApplyYourself corporation Hobsons.

Technical support is open for all users of ApplyYourself, including applicants, recommenders, staff and faculty.

Contact Technical Support for the Graduate School at 828.227.3198 for all of your ApplyYourself needs.


Answers to the most common ApplyYourself questions

The ApplyYourself application system provides an enormous amount of features for the application, prospect and recommendation modules. With so many available features, there is an abundant amount of questions that have been presented to the Hobson's User Community about ApplyYourself. Membership to the Hobson's User Community is by invitation only. Please send the WCU Graduate School ApplyYourself Administrator an email if you would like to join the User Community.

This FAQ reference sheet provides information on the common questions presented to Hobsons, system administrators, staff and faculty members.

Please read over the FAQ's provided. If you do not see the answer to the question you are looking for, please contact the WCU Graduate School ApplyYourself Administrator.

User Community - Membership Required

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