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Resources for Faculty and Staff

The Office of the Provost administers many resources for our faculty and staff. We have gathered them here for easy accessibility. Please let us know if there is something you are unable to locate.

Academic Affairs Newsletter

The Academic Affairs Newsletter is published monthly August through May each academic year. You can find news and highlights on activities within Academic Affairs.

Academic integrity

Students, faculty, staff and administrators of Western Carolina University (WCU) strive to achieve the highest standards of scholarship and integrity. Any violation of the Academic Integrity Policy is a serious offense because it threatens the quality of scholarship and undermines the integrity of the community. 


We provide information on our current Academic Affairs Administrative Searches including candidates’, CV’s, cover letters, and public presentation schedule.

Academic Catalogs

Please use the links to discover our Graduate and Undergraduate curricula.

Academic Procedures and Regulations

Our Academic Procedures and Regulations (APR) are available via SharePoint, and can be accessed using your WCU network credentials.


Please use the Academic Calendar to identify specific dates and deadlines within the academic year.

The Opening of Semester Calendar for Spring 2018  is now available.
The Faculty-Staff Opening Calendar for Fall 2018 is now available.

college by-laws

Collegial Review (TPR/PTR)

The Collegial Review process allows faculty to substantiate and make the case for tenure/promotion/reappointment (TPR), as well as for post tenure review (PTR). Use this resource for instructions and required documentation for TPR/PTR.

Committees and councils

We provide access to several committee lists via SharePoint. Please use your WCU network credentials to access information such as minutes and membership on the following councils: Academic Affairs CouncilAssociate Dean's Council, Liberal Studies Committee, and Provost Council. Please note: for external users, please email Suzanne Melton with a request for specific minutes.

Current Year Academic Affairs Committee List


The responsibility for curriculum development and revision rests with the faculty. Primary responsibility resides in the department and college in which the curriculum is housed and delivered. Four university wide groups have responsibility for reviewing proposed changes in the curriculum. These are the Liberal Studies Committee, the Graduate Council, the Professional Education Council, and the University Curriculum Committee. Please use our Curriculum resource for further information. 

Faculty Handbook

The Faculty Handbook provides ready access to information about the operation of the University and answers to the most frequently asked questions about operating procedures and policies.

The handbook may be reviewed and revised at any time to reflect changes in institutional policy, state and federal law or operational procedures.

2019-20 Faculty Handbook

Archived handbooks 

Faculty Hiring

The AA-21 process is used to document faculty credentials when requesting to interview or hire new faculty. Use this resource for instructions and the AA-21 form.

Faculty Support and Recognition

Academic Affairs administers the following grants, awards and funds: Chancellor’s Travel Fund, Excellence in Teaching Liberal Studies Award, Hunter Scholar Award, Intentional Learning Plan Grants, Program of Excellence Award, Provost’s Scholarship Development Award, Scholarly Development Assignment Program, Southern Conference Faculty Member of the Year Award, University Scholar Award, and Visiting Scholar Program. More information can be found in our SharePoint Library.

The following support and recognition items are housed within Coulter Faculty Commons: Board of Governor’s Award for Excellence in Teaching, Chancellor’s Award for Engaged Teaching, Chancellor’s Distinguished Teaching Award, Innovation Scholar Award, and Professional Development Grants. More information can be found on their Site.

Gender Equity

Western Carolina University has adopted an Equal Employment Opportunity Policy Statement that provides, without exception, that WCU will provide equal employment opportunities for all persons regardless of sex or other characteristics unlawfully used to discriminate among workers. The Gender Equity Study, CUPA, and related salary market data are available on SharePoint.

Organizational Chart/ROLES

The University-Wide Organization Chart is updated annually.

The Department Head distribution list is updated annually or as needed. 

Other Resources and training opportunities

See below for a selection of resources available to faculty and staff: 

Provost Fellows

University Policies

The University Policies are maintained by the Office of the Chancellor and are subject to revision periodically by appropriate authorities.

Office of Web Services