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Week of Kindness

Western Carolina University celebrated its first inaugural Week of Kindness from November 15th -19th.

Being kind, especially in today’s world, is an easy, tangible way to show someone that they matter and you appreciate them. When we engage in kind acts, we are giving back to those around us. And that is priceless.

Students sharing a random act of kindness
Students working in the community garden
Students loading potatoes on to a van

During the Week of Kindness, students, faculty, and staff were encouraged to take moments out of their days to show kindness in their own ways. Some chose to write notes, open doors, or spend time with someone who needed it. Others treated strangers to a cup of coffee or lunch. Many volunteered in our local community.

Kindness signs on a wall with paw prints
"Shower kindness like confetti"
Operation Santa donation box
Week of kindness signs

Brian Boyer, a residential case manager, conducted a kindness class where his ‘Band of Brothers’ students had to perform a random act of kindness within 30 minutes and inspire the recipient to pay it forward.

Brian Boyer

Paws even made an appearance during the week to help keep the momentum going.

Paws with a staff member
Worker in the garden

Every act, big or small, makes positive change. We are so proud of all those who participated and who demonstrate kindness not only for one week, but every day on campus and beyond.

Students volunteering
Students volunteering
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