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WCU Stories

Soon-To-Be Gone

But Not Forgotten

Residents of Scott and Walker halls share their memories of the iconic high-rise dormitories

The box fans in the windows. The panty raids. The middle-of-the-night fire alarms. The in-room movie nights. The climbing of nine flights of stairs to avoid the long lines at the elevator on move-in day. The developing of lifelong friendships and relationships.

View of the mountain outside Scott and Walker

Those are but a few of the thousands of memories former and current Western Carolina University students have of Scott and Walker residence halls. Following this spring semester, both of the iconic nine-story buildings will be replaced by three modern structures, with plans to add a fourth one should the need arise.

But, as the buildings come tumbling down brick-by-brick, it’s the memories that will forever remain in the hearts of those students who lived in the two structures, many of whom for the first time experienced living on their own.

Image of students in Scott and walker hall
Image of students in scott and walker hall
image of students in scott and walker hall

We asked former and current students to share their memories of living in both facilities...

Streaking was popular when I was in school and in front of the dorm was a round concrete raised area to help traffic flow. One night it had been raining when a car pulled up blowing their horn. A bunch of guys got out of the car naked, except for a paper bag over their head, and started running around the concrete when one of them fell. I know it probably hurt, but it was hilarious! A lot of great memories were made in Scott Hall.
- Brenda Beam ’75, Scott Hall

We were the singing girls and we sang all of the time in the lobby of Walker or in the laundry room where the acoustics were better. I came to WCU in the fall of 1990, 17 years old, and filled with wonder. The dorm was the Honors dorm at the time and I was greeted by friendly people and a cool RA, Julia from SC. She took our pictures and made us all welcome. I enjoyed Walker so much that I stayed in the same dorm, the same room for 5 years! My roommate and I were obsessed with New Kids on the Block and we were friends with our sweet custodian, Mary. It was a great time. I hope I can come visit that room. I did indeed bring my daughter up here in 2010 over the summer and took her to my old suite. Of course, the doors were locked, but I would like to see the place before it is destroyed.
Natasha Tyson Hall ’95, Walker Hall

Students in front of Walker Hall
Students in a residence hall room

It will soon be history, the dorm I lived in at WCU for four years! Scott Hall was built in 1969. I lived there from ‘74 until my graduation in ‘78 and learned so many valuable life lessons within those walls! My sheltered upbringing gave way to some rude awakenings! Fire drills occurred on a regular basis in the wee hours of the morning if you lived in this dorm with a reputation. I remember questioning why some people carried their plants out of the dorm as we all trudged down 14 flights of stairs wearing our jammies and oversized WCU sweatshirts. Yeah, that kind of plant. 🤣 I remember my first panty raid quite vividly and the shower, more like a blizzard of underwear falling from the windows into the hands of fellow male students from a neighboring dorm. Innocent. Harmless. Fun. Also, there were shocking, sad, life changing events I witnessed as well, when on more than one occasion a student would leap from their high dorm window. You see, when I lived there, no screens or locks were on the windows to discourage such an incident. A friend once accidentally sent our radio to the ground from our window sealing its fate. And I remember when a sort of huge air mattress was brought in to model how students would be able to escape the dorm by jumping out their window should a fire occur! There were outdoor concerts, Blue Oyster Cult in Reid Gym, smoke so thick you couldn’t see and a legendary laser light show, state of the art Dodson Cafeteria (also gone) where Richard and I met, the Theta Xi old farmhouse where we spent hours damaging our ears standing in front of speakers that stood as tall as we were and belted out Creedence Clearwater Revival, Eagles, Doobie Brothers, KC and the Sunshine Band among other favorites, piling multiple friends in my little blue Pinto with the hatchback open and going on a manhunt, the fire that took that endearing old fraternity house and the sadness that ensued, Scott Beach,🌴👙showers that never ran cold, scratch cakes prepared by this country girl in the dorm kitchen, a really cool RA named Red... I lived among friends from my hometown and made many precious new ones. My roommate was the best of the best...Karen Coughlin, and we spent hours solving life’s problems. ❤️We shared a love of swimming, so we went to the pool every single night, came back to our room and ordered a Speedy’s pizza... mushroom and Canadian bacon. I think it cost something like $1.87 each! I couldn’t believe tuition included “free access” to a beautiful indoor pool and pizza every night?!? I had hit the big time!🥰😊🥰We taught ourselves synchronized swimming using a book from the library and actually got pretty good! I remember my extreme excitement over having the opportunity to swim throughout the year! To me that was as good as winning the lottery! Our pizza was sooo good after all that exercise and was delivered to the lobby of Scott where your name was yelled out when it arrived. Revisiting these photographs really takes me back to some great times! So many memories, most undocumented, but I did find a few to submit to WCU’s request! ...even a few of Richard and I dating way back then!!! Room 711. We called it Heaven on the Seventh floor. I guess we have come full circle and grown old together, he and I. Both of our children have since graduated from WCU and Richard will retire at the end of this year. Thanks, Danielle Lightner, for your help locating some pictures. I love the one that reminds me that the hall phone was beside our door and rang 24/7! Guess who answered it...a lot? We never really minded...always anticipating it might be some guy for us or a long distance, infrequent call from home. If it wasn’t, a loud yell down the hall to notify who it was for was in order. Good times! When Karen and I left that room for the last time, we unbolted the dresser from the wall and documented our stay in that room by writing our college nicknames...Sunshine and Cotton...and the dates of our college stay on the back. We then bolted it back to the wall. I wonder if it’s still there?
- Judy Dillard Lightner ’78, Scott Hall

women in the residence hall

Being an RA with some of the best staff and residents that you could ask for! Making memories and friendships that have lasted into today really shows what a true catamount is, family!
Joshua Mathis ’15, Scott and Walker Halls

Scott 405! My favorite year of college was my freshman year (2009), and it was mostly because of that dorm. I grew into myself because of the friendships I had there. Dance parties in the hallway, fitting way too many people into one room for movie nights and guitar hero jam sessions, deep talks with my roomie, and being constantly surrounded by your best friends. There was nothing like it! The amount of amazing memories there...way too many to list or count!
Lauren Mazzella ’14, Scott Hall

I met my now fiancé in the 7th floor Walker common room. I lived on the same floor and I believe in the same room that mom lived in when she attended Western.
Laura Tolbert ’18, Walker Hall

User submitted image from Scott and Walker Hall
User submitted image from Scott and Walker Hall
User submitted image from Scott and Walker Hall

I was at Western my first 2 years of college (2013-2015) then transferred to UNCW. But freshman year in Walker was by far my favorite year of college and was like a family.
Chip Hieronymi, Walker Hall

I loved my suite mates on the 4th floor of Walker. I also had friends who lived down the hall from me. I was a freshman in ‘08 and one of my most vivid memories is the bear with the Obama sign left on the catamount. My room faced the catamount and front entrance so I had a good view of all the things that went down. I spent a lot of my time at Scott, too, with many of my friends living in Scott and my boyfriend also lived in Scott.
Stacy Van Buskirk ’12, Walker Hall

Students dressed up at scott hall
tree behind scott hall
students playing games in scott hall

I spent my junior and senior years living in Scott Hall. Such great times! Wish I could relive those years again. Looking back, the shared bathrooms were not that bad.
Tamara Jones ’99, Scott Hall

When I moved in freshman year, I was on the 8th floor in 809A. On move in day, I walked into the suite to find my best friend from high school was living in 809B. 8th floor 2018-2019 school year was 10/10 the best floor ever!
Manon King, Walker Hall

I met my best friend of 25 years on freshman move in day. We had so many good times in Scott Hall and have continued to make memories since graduation. One memory that is scary, but talked about often, is when my hair dryer caught on fire. There was a burnt spot on one of the tiles in room 610 where I lived all four years. I would love to have that tile from the room as a keepsake.
Christy Wyatt ’97, Scott Hall

Fourth Floor DZ Hall! White wicker furniture in the lobby and so many memories of sitting there with our sisters! Rush with our new pledges riding the elevator and spilling out to reveal who they were. Lifelong DZ Sisters!
Millie Ennis ’83, Walker Hall

Scott Hall

It’s pretty silly but me and boyfriend would always meet up behind the two buildings to eno. We had just started dating so all our dates were Starbucks, eno, and walking around the track by Walker. I’ll miss it.
Lacie Jones, Walker Hall

My freshman year, I lived on the 8th floor of Scott, which was the only co-ed floor in the building. My roommate and I would bake cookies in the kitchen and go door to door delivering them. The hall had a mostly open-door attitude where, if we were in our rooms, our doors would be open for anyone to come in and hang out. We made awesome friendships and felt like family. Scott Hall will always have a very special place in my heart!!
Lydia Barfield ’14, Scott Hall

Students in Scott Hall
Students in Scott Hall
Students in Scott Hall

I was sitting in the 8th floor study room when I saw this cute guy walk out of his room. I quietly made a comment about him to my friend who then proceeded to get the guys number for me. After an awkward introduction and 3 years later, we are engaged and about to get married next fall!
Mikaela Cline, Scott Hall

The community style living. It made meeting new people easier.
Destinie Taylor ’17, Scott Hall

As a transfer student I was unsure of making new friends, but I did! We had a blast together in Walker.
Laura Lauffer ’88, Walker Hall

I have sooo many memories, but I stayed in Scott Hall all 4 years of college!! That’s usually unheard of but I did. I loved “Scott Beach!” You knew it was spring and hot when the girls at “Scott Beach” were laying out! Farewell Scott Hall... if walls could talk!!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😍
Andrea Godette ’86, Scott Hall


I am a freshman at WCU this year and my parents are so excited because they’re both WCU alumni and met during their time here! I have grown up coming to this campus all my life and when it came time to apply to college, Western Carolina was my only choice and the only place I wanted to be. My mom is even more excited about me being on campus because I am living in her old residential hall! Her and my many “aunts and uncles” (my parents sorority sisters and fraternity brothers) have made so many good memories in Scott Hall during their time at Western and now I get to do the same during its last year standing. I am beyond proud to be a Catamount and cannot wait to make many more memories. Go Cats!
Madelyn Dagerhart, Scott Hall

I met my boyfriend walking on a sidewalk in front of Scott freshman year- it’s been five years now! Scott and Walker brought me some of the best friends I’ve ever had. We had so many family dinner nights, movie nights and game nights in those buildings. I’ll never forget it!
Juliann Witthoeft ’18, Scott Hall

Two alumni in front of White Hall

Scott Hall was my first Residential Assistant placement when I started my junior year! I loved being able to make a positive impact on first year students and develop long lasting relationships among my staff that I know will last forever!
Mikayla Ryan, Scott Hall

Had the honor to join WCU as an exchange student from Mannheim in 2000. I learned to live without a tv or fridge in 10 sq. feet of open floor space. Most of the time there was a crisscrossed clothes line full of underwear and t-shirts from 2 big German guys (but with unrestricted access to Napster). While most of the other German students lived in posh Madison hall, my roomie Holger and I loved vibrant Scott 201. One of my most livid memories of Scott hall is when we watched the Florida recount in the TV room with a lot of fellow students. Another memory that will stick forever is Friday evening war up party when all the doors were open and people got ready to hit the Cullowhee night life :-D Scott Hall 201 will always be associated with a year full of happiness and freedom. A shoutout to my fellow hall residents Holger, William, Jen, Ylvie, Ruth, Laura.
Dominik Erlebach ’01, Scott Hall

The ladybugs in Walker! I've never seen so many ladybugs in my entire life, and I lived on the 8th floor. Awkwardly, they usually got in the window and then died on our windowsill. I remember the elevator being inoperable on move-in day my freshman year (2004). Living on the 8th floor, that was quite interesting! The fire alarm started blaring in the middle of the night. My roommate and I were really heavy sleepers, and when we woke up the hallway was totally empty. We got scared thinking we were the last ones out! We RAN down the stairs from the 8th floor only to realize that we were in fact the first people outside!
Susan Fowler ’07, Walker Hall

From laundry room Twister to Nerf Wars to simply chilling late playing Call of Duty or watching a movie with friends, freshman year was great! Good times and fun start to my college career.
Evan Anthony ’14, Scott Hall

Groups of students
Groups of students
Groups of students

I made lifetime friends living on the 8th floor of Walker in 1998. Despite our awful RA, we managed to have some wild times..."Old Crow" whiskey night, Drinking 22s of Bud Light that we got from the "brew thru" (is it still there?), late night fire alarms when we wouldn't even get out of bed because they happened so often.
Allen Hamilton ’03, Walker Hall

I was there for the Great 5th Floor Flood of '05. Guys were throwing a football in the hall outside my room and knocked a sprinkler head off. Water filled levels 5 and down (pouring down the stairwells), Chase Pickett and I had some water damage, and we got evacuated. The water had been sitting in the pipes for so long it was brown and the water pressure above the sprinkler head that got knocked off basically ate a divot in the concrete slab above. Good times.
Zach Hartwell ’09, Walker Hall

Groups of Students
Groups of Students
Groups of Students

I was going to miss the secret Santa exchange with my friends my freshmen year, stuck in my room with a migraine. Instead of letting me miss, my friends brought the exchange to my room so I could enjoy it. All the nights I spent studying, watching Netflix, eating dinner, or just listening to music on the floor of two of my now closest friends dorm room.
Rachel Young ’19, Walker Hall

It was a Co-Ed hall and our 8th floor was awesome!! We all got along and spent several nights in the "study room" playing board games. One of my favorites and most memorable times was when our RA was gone for the weekend so some of the guys decided to use their pizza boxes as sleds and barrel towards each other, from opposite sides of the hall, inevitably colliding. It turned into a big hall party that was interrupted by police. No one was arrested, as it was all innocent fun, but it made for the best memory!
Heather Gore ’09, Walker Hall

Students in a prank

My first roommate, Jessie, and I met at freshman orientation in 2004. We lived in Walker during our freshman year! I don't have many photos from that time, but I have some fun memories. We had loft beds so we could have more space in the room. We had our TV set up under my loft bed and a pillow fort under Jessie's. I remember we laid out in the sun one day, just outside of Walker, and I got sun poisoning. I couldn't crawl back up into my bed, so I spent the next few nights on that amazing pillow fort under Jessie's bed. I remember liking the suite bathrooms much better than the typical hallway bathrooms in other dorms. I remember all the raging parties that went on in Scott, just next door where another friend of mine lived. Last, but definitely not least, I remember living with my very first roommate and becoming close friends. 15 years later and we're still friends with lots of happy memories!
Whitney Kolba ’08, Walker Hall

Baking cakes w/my roommate at midnight, living on the 9th floor w/FLI, hearing stories of how our hall is “haunted”, I met so many great people!!
Stefanie Gorden, Scott Hall

Doors in Walker
Door in Scott

Lost my virginity lol.
Felicia Miles ’16, Scott Hall

Gosh, I had so many. Freshman year is challenging for a lot of people, not to mention adding not having a/c to the pile haha. Seriously, Scott Hall did a lot for me. It homed a lot of happy memories, a lot of breakdowns about school, and breakdowns in general. I met my very best friend in Scott Hall and decided to make a YouTube channel using silly videos we made in my room. I had an incredible roommate who would go on random trips to Waffle House with me in the middle of the night. I can’t count the amount of times my floor was covered in friends when we had movie nights, or when friends would randomly drive up to see me. The room I lived in had a lot of love in it, and I’m really going to miss that old building when it’s gone. Scott Hall is something everyone should experience at least once. It gave me a fresh start. It went from being my home away from home, to just being my home.
Lili Stapel, Scott Hall

My favorite memory of Scott is when I’m roommate had his girlfriend stay overnight and I had to sleep in a tent at the softball parking lot.
Jason Toole Jr., Scott Hall

User submitted image
User submitted image
User submitted image

When I got accepted to WCU I told my grandpa who also graduated from WCU. I told him I was living in Walker and he said that’s where he lived! Turns out, we lived in the same dorm number AND my distant cousin also graduated from WCU and she lived in the same dorm number! That’s something that’s really special to me and I’ll always be appreciative for Walker Hall.
Madison Moore ’18, Walker Hall

The boys that I lived with on the hall, the never ending constant chain of buffoonery on the 5th floor. From nerf guns to hall sports.
Tucker Corbon, Scott Hall

Freshman Year Fall 2011, 8th Floor last room on the right experiencing the "collage life" in Walker could not have been any better. Box fans year round, ethernet cables, raised beds to make more room, a closet that hardly fit anything. I would not give it up for the world! I made so many memories in those halls, everything from Santa Paws to Room Wars. I loved being in a hall full of wonderful ladies, you could knock on any one’s door and expect to see a kind face. I miss trying to fit all of our friends into one room for a movie night, I miss dorm parties, game nights and being surrounded by a whole bunch of people in the same stage of life. Room Wars were my favorite memory. Basically, you get into your friends room and rearrange anything you could get your hands on. We liked to see how tall we could stack their things. The trick was getting the roommate to open the door for you when your friend was in class. The wars progressed to Halloween Spider webs, Post-It Notes or balloons all over each other’s rooms. My roommate and I were on the Track & Field team and we were in a great location to make it to practice on time just by walking out the back doors. Plus, we could see the track from our tiny window. and the most important part was how close we were to the dining hall. Truly, if I could go back in time and rewind the clock to 2011 I would in a heartbeat. Now I wouldn't mind having some A/C and Wi-Fi this time though. I miss all of the amazing ladies I met on my hall. I could go on and on about my WCU experience but I know this forum is just for Walker Experiences... I will forever bleed Purple and Gold 4 years of Cat Camp, Track & Field and Orientation would do that to you. Go Cats! Meow, meow.
Anne Fox ’15, Walker Hall

The adventure of riding the elevator in Walker to the 7th floor. You never knew if you were going to make it to your destination or not. Sometimes it would get stuck between floors and we would have to climb out sometimes it would just drop a couple floors and then stop. Made some great friends in Walker and have wonderful memories of my time there.
Michelle Brittain ’91, Walker Hall

Students in Walker Hall
Students in Walker Hall
Students in Walker Hall

My first year I was on the 9th floor and loved almost everyone on that floor. Our RA was great. My second year I also lived in Scott on the 2nd floor. It was overcrowded so they made rooms out of the kitchens. We got new everything which was pretty awesome. And since we had a sink and bigger room everyone congregated to our room. We always had fun. One bad memory, that was the year the RA on the 5th or 6th floor kept setting fires and making bomb threats and we had to repeatedly evacuate.
Nicole Riddle ’06, Scott Hall

Walker Hall represented my first "home away from home" when I was a freshman. Though I was comfortable with the idea of college, I wasn't totally sure once I arrived. Walker made me feel comfortable, though, and I was there for two years. Part of me is sad to see it go, though an upgrade will surely be nice.
- Russell Conover ’07, ’09, Walker Hall

I stayed in Walker during my freshman orientation. It was the first time I ever met another student going to Western Carolina, and I immediately felt such a kinship with each one of them. Sleeping in that dorm was the craziest experience I ever had. I felt so grown-up, terrified, and ready for a new adventure, all at one time. I will never forget how ridiculously hot it was during the day, and wishing we had air-conditioning or fans to put in the windows. But I also remember how cool it got in the evenings, and how my heart was overwhelmed with peace and joy the following morning when we woke up and looked out the windows to the beautiful foggy mountain side. That memory will never leave my heart. That sense of joy is what still rings true in my overall thoughts of WCU. My roommate that weekend became my RA in Helder several years later, and we still keep in touch. I will miss those dorms and the excitement that I feel when I think back on those first days as a Catamount.
Sara Garrison ’04, Walker Hall

My friends and I were always in Scott lobby during the 2011/2012 school year. Some of us even chose to sleep there. Our roommates weren't horrible, but we'd rather be with friends. I miss those days and the people I spent them with. I met a lot of people while "studying" (playing pool and ping pong). R.I.P. Scott #renovatemaybe #leavescottalone #justtakewalker
Jasmine Sales ’14, Scott Hall

User submitted images
User submitted images
User submitted images

During the blizzard of 1993 we were “trapped” in Walker. Our friends Scott and Jay were musicians that played quite a few gigs around the area. They set up in the 9th floor lobby and played one of the best sets I ever heard them play. It felt like a legit concert and we made it through a somewhat scary night of high winds and heavy snow with the beautiful lyrics and melodies of James Taylor. That is just one of the beautiful memories I have from those years!
Emily Peeler ’96, Scott and Walker Halls

Scott was my first home away from home. This is where you meet friends for a lifetime. We would decorate our doors for the holidays, take care of each other when we were sick, dance in each other’s rooms, eat dinner together, and the list could go on forever. At the end of the day, Scott is where all of it started for so many of us. Where we lived, where we made our friends, where we became family!
Sarah Wood ’09, Scott Hall

Groups of students
Groups of students

Attending my RA’s programs was always a fun time. Another favorite memory was the big snow that spring and using my laundry basket as an improv sled because the roads were closed! The Norton fields will always be one of the best places to play in the snow. One last favorite memory is the sports coaches and players visiting every floor to get us all pumped up for each sport season.
Elizabeth Byrd ’18, Scott Hall

I lived in the side of Scott dorm where you could hear the WCU band practicing ...everyday! Scott dorm was only girl’s dorm except for the basketball team on the first floor; which freaked my dad out totally.
Rene Corbin-Plemmons ’88, Scott Hall

Meeting new friends that would help me become the person I am today.
Matt Jones ’18, Walker Hall

Scott opened my freshman year (1969-70). I lived there during summer school in 1970 and 1971, and for one quarter in the fall of my sophomore year til I moved back to Leatherwood.. It's gone too as is Helder, which was the freshman girls' dorm back in my day. Wonderful memories of all those dorms. And then when my son went to WCU in the fall of 2001, he was in Scott his freshman year.
Marilyn Puett ’73, Scott Hall

Collage of user submitted images
Collage of user submitted images

My husband and I met in Walker in 1991. I lived on the 7th floor and he lived on the 2nd...we met hanging out on the 9th floor watching the Braves win the National League Championship. Four years later we got married down at the picnic grounds. Our 25th anniversary will be this summer in July.
- Rebecca Parrish ’98, Walker Hall

My favorite memory in Walker Hall was where my now husband and I shared our first kiss back in 2013! We’ve now been together for 6 years! The Whee and Walker have a special place in our hearts and we can’t wait to move back one day!
Hunter Seagroves ’17, Walker Hall

My RA (Stephanie McManus), ARD (Ted Cooley), and RD (Rodney Hall) made living in Walker super fun. We played board games in the lobby of Walker while Stephanie was on duty. We listened to Ted tell stories. We wrote Rodney a "Happy birthday" chalk message to which he replied with his famous quote "You're fired". They created a community atmosphere and a sense of belonging during my freshmen year. My roommate and I both were encouraged (and were hired!) to be RAs as a result of the connection with the Walker Hall staff. 11 years later, we still are connected through Facebook and still share inside jokes on occasion.
Victoria Sain ’12, Walker Hall

Groups of students
Groups of students
Groups of students

I had some great memories freshman year in Scott dorm! Two of my favorite memories are that I met my best friend. She will actually be standing next to me as one of my bridesmaids next year. I also met my now fiancé who I get to marry in 2020. I met him in the hallway of the 9th floor of Scott Hall 2 weeks before the end of our freshman year. I would say Scott Hall was a great start to my college experience at WCU.
Skyler Kicinski ’18, Scott Hall

Living in Scott Hall holds such a special place. It was a big turning point in the way we were all on our own for the first time, meeting so many new people, experiencing new things, broadening our once small world. There is never a time like when you live in such a place where everyone is so different yet so much the same. There was always something to be included in no matter what time or day. Living in a freshman dorm is really something everyone should experience. I met my Husband in 2008 when we both lived on the 7th floor of Scott Hall. We always love to ride by when we visit campus and will be sad to see it go, but also love the new growth for the future Catamounts.
Teresa Tipps ’12, Scott Hall

My first roommate all those years ago! We became friends, as it usually goes. Then he started dating this girl. Nearly 8 years later, I was at their wedding and then they had their child! A lifelong friendship made for the three of us, with God only knows what's left in store. All thanks to WCU and Scott Hall, room 426.
Corey Holland ’16, Scott Hall

User submitted photo
User submitted photo

My first experience in Scott Hall was going to sorority recruitment before The Village was built. I met so many wonderful people in those halls! I joined Alpha Gamma Delta and moved in to Scott Hall from Reynolds the next semester. I have so many fond memories of girl’s nights and recruitment. My boyfriend at the time, now husband of 10 years, was an RA in Scott as well. Later, I joined the team. I had a blast with my fellow RA’s and working there was a pleasure. I wish we could visit again one more time before they are torn down!
Carobeth Tucker ’05, Scott Hall

The time someone let a goat loose in Scott!!
Penny Ponsell ’82, Scott Hall

I started out living on the 7th floor before switching roommates. I moved to the third floor and my new roommate became my best friend! From snowball fights, the people, and meeting my best friend, Walker was the perfect new home for a college freshman.
Meagan Dubé ’16, Walker Hall

I lived in Scott from 1980-1983. I made lots of lasting friendships while living there. My funniest story was when I stayed there one weekend and we had a bomb threat and had to evacuate the building. I had just gotten out of the shower and had my hair up in a towel, with my housecoat on and no time to change clothes. Here me and several of my friends went over to Leatherwood, the guys dorm, to a friend of ours. How embarrassing, but funny to look back on.
Debbie Ballard ’85, Scott Hall

Lovely 6th floor mates, especially Willa Jorgenson, who we sadly lost in 2003. My wonderful roommate Cherly Bruno. Had so much fun hanging with the guys on the first floor. Mark, Sean, Bill, Keith and Jason. Sorry to see this dorm torn down.
Amy Morris ’93, Walker Hall

Group Photos
Group Photos
Group Photos

Hitting golf balls from the rooftop of Scott.
Drew Parham ’91, Scott Hall

I met my best friends throughout college on the 5th floor of Scott Hall. These same friends stayed through college, joined Greek life together and will be most of the men in my wedding party. I am thankful for Scott Hall bringing us together and providing lifelong friends who would do anything for anyone.
Tyler Harrison ’16, Scott Hall

My favorite memory was when just before Fall break the power went out across campus because of high winds. Folks on the 8th floor brought out candles, beers, and a couple of guitars and we had a jam session in the common area.
Justin Conley ’09, Scott Hall

I lived on the 7th floor (AXO Hall) and would either be there or on 2nd (ZTA Hall) with my sisters. With the exception of the week of 3 a.m. fire drills my junior year it was a great spot to live.
Meghan Clifton ’05, Scott Hall

I remember there being a special room near the entrance to Scott Hall where volunteers slept and opened the door for women who stayed out late and needed a way to get back in.
- Anonymous

Student in Scott

Men were not allowed in any part of the dorm except the lobbies. Things have changed.  I remember the constant hammering as the steel pylons went into the ground as Scott Hall was built.
- Jennie Phillips Cheek '71, Scott Hall

In the fall of 1972, I arrived at Western Carolina University.  Not knowing anyone at Western, I had to take my chances on a roommate.  When I arrived at the campus, I was assigned to Scott Dorm, a large high-rise for women, and I remember thinking how huge Scott was and how small I felt as I went up to my floor. Nervously, I looked at each door searching for “my” room.  Then half way down the long hall was Room 414 on the left.  On the door I saw my name and “her” name…Laurie Davis. Little did I know what was in store for me. Laurie was a returning sophomore majoring in early childhood education. I was a freshman entering the field of special education. Laurie had not moved in yet, so I spent my night in the dorm room alone…wondering who was Laurie Davis? Would we be compatible roommates? What would dorm life be like? Laurie did arrive the next day and immediately my life at WNC began. Laurie and I quickly became best friends.  A lot happened in those four years. I grew up, learned a lot and became a special education teacher who taught for 33 years. Scott Dorm was where many real life lessons occurred…how to make good decisions, how to appreciate people from all backgrounds, how to take safe risks, and so much more. Laurie and I became lifelong friends.  After we graduated, we kept in touch as our own lives went in different directions. Today, however, we live within 5 miles of each other. Forty-seven years ago, we met at WNC, room 414 Scott Dorm.  What wonderful memories! A new Scott Dorm is coming—one that will look differently on the outside, but will no doubt, have all the makings of treasured friendships on the inside.
- Cindy Kucas Gregory, Scott Hall

It was Fall 1978 and I was assigned to 420-east in an all-freshman girl hall in Scott Dorm.  What an unbelievably fun and memorable time for 40+ females experiencing college for the first time.  The late 70's was an era of no cell phones, no internet or social media.  A generation of finding our independence (no curfew or parental rules) and discovering what going away to college really meant.  Living in a dorm meant having friends to hang out with anytime and when you'd say,  'Hey, let's go check-out campus' or 'find something fun to do' that meant venturing outside and finding ways to meet people.  Living with 40+ girls meant you'd raid each other’s closets for something 'new' to wear; hitch rides to frat-parties (very few had cars back then); and stay up late chatting about who danced with who.  It was a time of piling 10 girls in a hatchback for grocery-store runs to Sylva; road-trips; and driving out to Bear Lake.  In 1980, I joined Greek Life and moved next door to Walker Dorm.  The transition was exciting because several friends from 4th-east followed.  Joining a sorority and having your 'sisters' together in one place felt like home; you never wanted to leave.  Friendships created then still remain to this day.  And two of my best-friends I met as freshmen on 4th East Scott were Marleta, who's still my best-friend (40 years later) and Kim who unfortunately lost her battle to cancer several years ago.  Thank you, Western Carolina University, for our forever college memories and thank you Scott & Walker dorms for all the stories you hold; they truly never fade and keep our hearts forever young!
- Janine Bryan ’83, Scott Hall

In the Fall of 1972, I was a freshman assigned a room in the new women’s residence hall, Walker Hall. Needless to say, I was excited about staying in a new facility. I was also part of rthe building government and ended up becoming the president of the building for 1972-73. Walker housed graduate students on the ground floor. Each sorority had a floor and the other levels were assigned to random students. I had the good fortune to participate in the dedication ceremony for Walker Hall on April 1, 1973. The building was named after Ms. Edyth Walker. She was unable to attend the dedication, however, I did receive a very nice thank you note from her. I keep this thank you note in my 1973 WCU edition of the Catamount. Additionally, my son Adam attended WCU and also lived in Walker during his first year at WCU.
Dianne Wells Whisnant ’76, Walker Hall

When one girl in Scott that was a sorority sister set fires in the dorm for an entire week. The positive side of these events is that after the first night the ladies at Helier next door would let all of the Scott residents into the building and offer them blankets so we could all try to sleep. It was exams that week so it was the worst timing but it was heartwarming to have our fellow catamounts welcome us and warm us up so we could still try to conquer our exams.
- Heather Laster ’07, Scott Hall

Lived on the 1st floor of Scott for 1 1/2 yrs. overlooking Scott was great!
- Mark Sabol ’88, Scott Hall

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