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IEP Online @ WCU

Study English where you are!

Improve your English language skills under the guidance of experienced instructors in a well established program. The WCU Intensive English Program was established in 2009.

Develop intercultural communication skills while practicing English with other students from around the world!

  • No visa required
  • No application fee
  • All students who successfully complete a course will receive a certificate from Western Carolina University
  • All instructors have at least thirty years of experience teaching English and hold graduate degrees in TESOL, English, or similar

Fall 2021 Session 2 (November 8 - December 17)
Course Information, Register, and Pay
Cost: $365 USD/ 6-week course

Fall 2022 Online Courses 
Course information and costs to be announced

November 8 - December17
Monday, Friday  |  7:00 - 8:30 PM EDT (21:00 - 22.30 GMT)
$365 per 6-week session

This course is designed for working professionals who need to use English for their careers, conferences, and travel. We will focus on real-life communication and online presentation skills.

  • Increase understanding of vocabulary commonly used for business, travel, professional conferences, meetings, etc

  • Learn to express ideas in English more fluently, accurately, and confidently

  • Improve ability to give brief, online professional presentations in English

  • Develop intercultural communication skills for interacting with people from around the world

November 8 - December17
Tuesday, Thursday  |  8:00 - 9:30 AM EDT (12:00 - 13.30 GMT)
$365 per 6-week session

In this interactive online course, participants will increase their ability to speak English fluently, confidently, and accurately through the discussion of a variety of topics.

  • Develop English pronunciation skills, including correct pronunciation of individual sounds and words

  • Increase vocabulary and become familiar with American idioms

  • Express ideas more clearly and precisely and better understand conversations

  • Speak one-on-one with the instructor at least two times during the course. This provides an opportunity for targeted, individual practice

Important: IEP Online @ WCU courses do not satisfy the requirements for conditional admission. Those interested in conditional admission to Western Carolina University must attend and complete the full-time, in-person IEP program.

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