Music, B.A.

Bachelor of Arts in Music


The Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree is designed for students with broad interests in music and in other academic disciplines. It is a liberal arts degree that combines core musicianship courses—including four semesters of individual lessons in your performance area—with a minor, second major, or an individually approved program in an academic discipline outside of music. Explore degree programs outside of the School of Music here. The program also requires one year of foreign language study.

Major Requirements

The B.A. in Music requires 120 total hours. To major in music, students must pass an audition in the principal performance area and take a music aptitude examination. All music majors must pass a public recital in the last semester of principal applied lessons before a degree will be granted. MUS 371, 372, 373 must (unless exempted) reflect the applied study area; only one will count per semester. All wind and percussion majors in the B.A. program must include a minimum of one semester in marching band.

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Music Industry Option

A music industry option is available in place of a minor or second major for students who are interested in a career in the music business. Its 30-hour core of business courses and an internship prepares students for work in the retail music industry or in establishing their own music business.

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Eight Semester Plans

Students pursuing a B.A. in Music may follow a prescribed schedule of study to complete their degree in eight semesters.

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