School of Music Degree Programs 

Western’s School of Music offers three distinctive degree paths depending on a student’s area of interest:

The School serves approximately 180 vocal and instrumental undergraduate music students in these exciting and challenging programs. Whether your interests are in Performance, Music Education, the Music Industry,or Commercial & Electronic Music, you will find Western’s undergraduate program will help you develop your musical knowledge and skills while preparing for your professional career.  

Why Music at WCU 

Marching Band Conductor


From our 500-piece marching band that led the 2015 Macy's Day Parade to the by-audition-only 24-member Catamount Singers and Electric Soul, WCU offers a wide variety of outstanding performance groups for vocal and instrumental music students, and many of these groups are also open to non-music majors.  WCU's School of Music focuses on delivering the kind of academic and leadership experience that will prepare students for successful careers as musicians. This includes opportunities to conduct ensembles, being involved in real-world recording projects and much more.  

School of music alumni are engaged in exciting careers as teachers, performing or studio musicians, composers, conductors, producers, music retailers, and musical theater performers. Our alumni can be found making music all over North Carolina and across the country, from New York to Nashville to Los Angeles.  We also have graduates in Korea, Singapore, Australia, Germany and other countries around the world.


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