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College of Education and Allied Professions

Undergraduate Assessment System Policy

Notice to Teacher Education Students:

As a student in a Teacher Education program, you are required to have a Watermark account. Your initial account is purchased on your behalf from course fees collected with your tuition. The account you initially receive is for 7 years. If you take longer than this amount of time to graduate, you must add time to your account at your own expense.

The college will purchase new accounts for students who:

  • Register for EDCI 201, BK 250, or EDCI 191 for the first time
  • Are transferring in to WCU into a teacher education major who have credit for BK 250 or EDCI 201
  • Are admitted to WCU via an alternative route and are simultaneously admitted to Teacher Education

Undergraduate students will use Watermark to:

  • apply for admission to Teacher Education,
  • apply for field experiences and internship,
  • submit required assignments in designated courses,
  • submit all evidences required for state licensure,
  • submit the edTPA portfolio, and
  • complete the other tasks and assignments that are part of academic programs

All students enrolled in any program or course with a Watermark requirement, whether or not they are enrolled in Teacher Education, must have an active subscription to Tk20 and submit all required assignments.

For more information, please contact us.

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