MATH 415 Syllabus

Methods and Materials for Teaching Mathematics in the Secondary School

Revised: August 2007

Course Description

A survey of contemporary trends and issues in teaching mathematics at the secondary level. Methods, materials, curriculum, and other current practices are included.


1. To provide the prospective secondary school mathematics teacher with a survey of contemporary issues in teaching mathematics at the high school level.

2. To identify mathematics curricular goals, plan instruction to meet these goals, implement lesson presentation skills, and evaluate mathematics instruction.


Brumbaugh, et. al. Teaching Secondary School Mathematics, 3rd Edition. Lawrence Erlbaum Publishers, 2006.

Grading Procedure

Grading procedures and factors influencing course grade are left to the discretion of individual instructors, subject to general university policy.

Attendance Policy

Attendance policy is left to the discretion of individual instructors, subject to general university policy.

Course Outline

  • Planning, Goals and Objectives
    Teaching functions and practices, planning, writing objectives, teacher performance appraisal instruments;
  • Secondary mathematics curriculum
    Review of curriculum guidelines, analysis of secondary text materials, designing plans to address curriculum goals.
  • Delivery of instruction
    Factors related to classroom environment, implementing instruction in a classroom setting - student motivation, teacher demonstration, questioning, and practice; cultural diversity, utilization of alternative instructional techniques; evaluation of instruction and student performance;
  • Mathematics education reform
    Recent history of mathematics education, identification of issues related to curriculum reform, review and implementation of instruction related to contemporary standards;
  • Instructional materials
    Analyze and use materials such as kits, classroom models, audio-visual packages, calculators, computer software and hardware packages;
  • Non-instructional duties
    Demonstrate knowledge and skills related to such professional activities as classroom records, teacher licensure, parent conferences, and the school job setting.
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