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Mathematics and Computer Science Department

Student using the virtual reality mathematics lab


Whether you’re interested in a career in a cutting-edge technological field, enamored of programming or networking, excited about a career teaching mathematics at the high school level, or interested in mathematics in general, the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science will help you to acquire the knowledge to turn your interests into expertise.

Our department faculty members are committed to excellence in teaching, and that commitment shows through our student-focused programs and engaging in-depth curriculum.

Undergraduate Programs

There are few fields with greater possibilities for the future than math and computer science. WCU’s Department of Mathematics and Computer Science offers undergraduate degrees in Mathematics, Mathematics Education, and Computer Science. We also have a Second Academic Concentration option for lower grades education and P.E.Majors and a Minor in Computer Science.


Computer Science

MATH Placement

If you would like to register for MATH 146 or MATH 153, we need to make you aware of our placement assessment policy as you may get an error message if you attempt to register for the course without having the listed prerequisite course. If you have not taken MATH 130 or MATH 146 at WCU or you have not transferred credit for this course your placement score is given by ALEKS. If you have questions about your placement, please email Sibley Bryan at or call the department at 828.227.3830.

Clubs and Organizations

Students involved with the Mathematics and Computer Science department have started several clubs and organizations with a range of interests Below are some of the currently active clubs in the department.

  • Computer Science Club
  • Math Club
  • NC Council of Teachers of Mathematics Student Affiliate
  • WCU GNU/Linux Users Group
  • WCU Macintosh Users Group


Mathematics Tutoring


The departmental computing lab, located in Stillwell 434, has ample space for student to gather for work and contains computers running Linux (Debian) and Microsoft Windows.  The computers have many mathematics and programming software packages installed, including: Mathmatica, Matlab, Vensim, Geometer's Sketchpad, LaTeX, Java, Python, Perl, Ruby, C, C++, and more.

The Mathematics and Computer Science Tutoring Center, temporarily located in Stillwell 437, offers space for students to work on their math assignments and to get help from the knowledgeable tutors on staff. The Mathematics Tutoring Center offers many resources, including: drop in tutoring, individual tutoring, a library of textbooks, and study sessions. Learn More

High School Mathematics Contest

The 51st Annual Mathematics Contest is scheduled for Thursday, March 14, 2024. Learn More

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