Admission to the Recreational Therapy Program

Admission Requirements

Incoming WCU freshman should apply for Admission to the university through the Undergraduate Admission office. Freshmen should declare as a Recreational Therapy pre-major (PREC) and will apply to the program as a sophomore. 

There are specific admission requirements for all students entering the recreational therapy degree program. Students must be declared as a Recreational Therapy pre-major (PREC) and it is strongly recommended that they have completed RTH 200 to apply for the program. The minimum GPA to submit an application is 2.5. The admission process is competitive with approximately fifteen students accepted each semester, so a student with a minimum GPA of 2.5 may not get into the program. These requirements include an application process that includes description of their interest in the field, a list of related service activities and Recreational Therapy Association involvement, and an essay on their desire to be a recreational therapy major. Students also pre-test on recreational therapy knowledge, skills and abilities (completed in the RTH 200 course), and, after admission a strategic plan. The maintenance of a minimum GPA of 2.5 throughout their studies in the major is required. All students at the sophomore level are welcome to enroll in RTH 200 Foundations of Recreational Therapy to learn more about the major and help determine their interest in pursuing a degree in this field.

How Does a Student Apply for Recreational Therapy Program Admission?

All pre-recreational therapy majors will be assigned to one of the three RT faculty as their primary advisor, and can always access information from them. Prospective applicants may also schedule an appointment with the Program Director (Dr. Jennifer Hinton []) if they have further questions. Dr. Hinton sends application materials to all PREC majors in the second month of each fall and spring semester. Applications are then submitted electronically via email to Dr. Hinton by the deadline posted for the end of the semester. Faculty review and rank applications individually, then meet after grades are posted for the semester (the week after finals week) to make admission decisions.

WCU RT Application for Admission Fall 2017

Written Essay Required for Admission to the Recreational Therapy Program: This 400-500 word essay should explain why the student is choosing to study recreational therapy. Resources and website information on the profession are provided to the student in RTH 200 to help them in preparing their reflective essay that explores their thoughts, personal experiences, and the reasons that have led them to choose this major.

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